Quick Deal – $200 Apple and $20 Best Buy Gift Cards

When we see a quick deal that makes sense, we want to try our best to get it out there for as many of you to take advantage as possible.

Currently, Best Buy if offering a free $20 gift card when you purchase a $200 Apple Gift Card. Since those Apple Gift Cards can be used for anything Apple sells, including laptops, and the new iPhone, this is a great way to save 10% off your purchase.

The Sale

It’s pretty straightforward, but you must buy a $200 Digital Apple Card (our referral link) and make sure that you notice the $20 gift card added into your cart when you check out.

You can use any card that you want at check out to earn miles and points on your purchase. I’m trying to hit some minimum spend on a few cards so this was a great way to up those balances.

Cards are typically delivered within minutes, and in order for you to get your $20 gift card, you’ll need to verify your email address. The $20 code arrives shortly after you get your Apple Card, and there is no expiration date for the card from Best Buy.

It’s good to see these deals come back, as we thought we might not see them when Apple went away from the iTunes cards a few months back.

One last note, technically you’re only allowed one, but I am seeing many readers report that if you wait a few hours or a day in between orders, you might get lucky and be able to place more than one.

Are you taking advantage of this deal?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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