Questions about credit cards? Ask a banker!

One of the best places to learn about credit card information, miles, points, and the like, is here in the blogs. There are endless blog posts about how to earn points, which credit card is best, how to get approved, etc.

But before I decided to start blogging here at NoMasCoach, I was a banker with a large national chain. I spent well over 4 years helping customers with mortgages, business accounts, credit cards, and checking/savings accounts, so I have a unique perspective on a lot of what goes on behind the scenes. 



I’ve had experience with getting credit cards approved after they’ve been declined. In fact, it was one of the top things that I had the chance to do at the bank. 

While I can’t tell you which bank I worked for, I would suggest that you have the freedom to ask me any questions you’d like to know. Don’t reserve any questions or leave them inked in your notebook. If you want to be a private client of mine and ask your questions via email, you can do that, but I’m happy to help you if for no other reason than to leave you with a clean slate of doubt. I’m not available 24/7, I’m not even available 5/24, but I will be able to help you in my free time.


Paying rent online

Paying rent online

While I can’t provide legal advice or guarantee specific solutions, I can give you some insight as to what happens behind the scenes and how best to navigate it to your advantage.

With that said, How can I help you? 

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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