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Over the weekend, we shared some great deals on the Big Three Middle Eastern airlines. The only problem was, you had to start in Manila. Well, today we’re here to help fix that problem. We’ve rounded up some of the best Qatar Airways deals from around the world. Needless to say, there are some real steals in here.

The Dates

Qatar Qsuites (courtesy of

From the US, the best deals generally start early in the summer and continue on through the end of the schedule. However, you may be able to find some scattered availability in the spring as well.

Meanwhile, starting in Europe comes with very few date limitations. Want to travel in a few weeks? Great, there’s a deal for you. Don’t want to travel until later this year? Yep, there’s still a deal for you. While you might not be able to find the best deal on every date, chances are you’ll be able to find at least a few dates every month.

From Europe

Originating in Scandinavia is usually one of the best ways to get premium cabin deals originating from Europe and this case is no different. Just keep in mind that not all listed flights originating in Europe feature Qsuites. If you want Qsuites the whole way, you’ll want to originate in Copenhagen or Stockholm and look out for flights 161/162 and 171/172. Not sure if your flight has Qsuites? No worries. We’ve put together a handy guide to help you figure it out.

Some of the real standouts here are Tokyo, Auckland, and Sydney. Tokyo rarely sees premium cabin sales, so to see one at this rate is fantastic. Meanwhile, Doha-Auckland is the world’s second longest flight. Flying that for the same price as New York-London is an absolutely incredible value!

Qsuites routes are bolded.

  • Hong Kong (from Copenhagen): $1,533
  • Bangkok (from Oslo): $1,541
  • Singapore (from Oslo): $1,561
  • Manila (from Stockholm): $1,580
  • Shanghai (from Helsinki): $1,604
  • Beijing (from Copenhagen): $1,619
  • Hanoi (from Stockholm): $1,637
  • Seoul (from Stockholm): $1,651
  • Singapore (from Milan): $1,687
  • Tokyo (from Oslo): $1,734
  • Auckland (from Stockholm) $2,459
  • Sydney (from Stockholm) $2,496

From the US

The first thing you’ll notice about the Qatar deals from the US is that they’re significantly more expensive. However, there are two things to note. 1) Business class deals from the US are far less common than Europe – especially Scandinavia. Anything under $3,000 for Qsuites on these routes is a pretty solid rate. 2) You’re flying significantly further on some these routes than you would be from Europe.

In addition, all the listed US routes are currently served by Qsuites, which means you’ll get to spend at least 12 hours enjoying yourself. Trust us, it still doesn’t feel like enough time.

  • Bangkok (from Chicago): $2,766
  • Delhi (from Miami): $2,848
  • Delhi (from Chicago): $2,967
  • Mumbai (from New York): $3,062
  • Mumbai (from Chicago): $3,087
  • Manila (from Chicago): $3,122

Do you plan on taking advantage of any of these Qsuites deals?

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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