Post Malone’s private Gulfstream blows two tires, Emergency Landing imminent


A Gulfstream 4 took off today from Teterboro airport bound for London’s Luton airport. Shortly after takeoff, the pilot radioed in stating that there was a problem with the tires. Turns out, they blew two of them.

The rapper Post Malone is reported to be onboard after taking home an MTV music award last night.

If you have no idea who Post Malone is, I’ll bet you heard his latest chart topper, although I have to say I was super happy for the subtitles in this video cause I could barely make out a word he was saying.

The plane he’s currently flying on is a Gulfstream IV, but I’m surprised someone of his calibre isn’t flying on a Gulfstream V or 650 🙂

Here’s the flight radar map of the plane doing circles around the New York area:

Post Malone Plane Route

According to TMZ, the plane has 3,700 pounds of fuel on board that they have to burn before they can attempt a safe emergency landing. Their path is uncertain however. They were going to try and return to Teterboro and make a landing there. Then, they were diverted to Massachusetts, and later told they’d be landing at Stewart airport north of New York. We’re still not sure, but first things first, they’ve got to burn up that fuel so they can try and land.

If you’re interested in following the path of the plane, according to Flight Radar the tail number is N101CV.

Obviously, we hope that the plane lands ok and that all passengers and crew come out safe from the plane. I couldn’t even begin to imagine what this would be like.

Stay tuned for updates! You can also check out the TMZ page that reported this. They’re currently tracking the live ATC audio as well.


The plane successfully landed at Stewart Airport in Orange County, NY after blowing two tires. Since the Gulfstream doesn’t have the ability to dump fuel like a larger commercial airliner, they flew around in circles to use up what they could.

According to Billboard Magazine, the pilots did a low and slow fly by of Stewart Airport’s control tower so the operators could use binoculars to asses what was going on with the tires. The plane slowed to around 75-80 MPH during landing with the nose up, landing with the least amount of stress possible on the nose gear. 9 fire trucks and 12 ambulances were on standby in case the worst case scenario happened.

Malone’s statement to Billboard magazine was about as chill as you would expect…

I’m alive and ready to rock on…”

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Wow. An award for this. Guess that’s why MTV is not mainstream. SMH. BTW, you have a few typos in there, might want to at least read your column once before posting.

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    • IF a rapper can make up words and make millions, my post should also be exempt from typo police! 🙂 But thanks for looking out!

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