Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad, Lounge Review

Hyderabad isn’t the sexiest of airports, but it does serve millions of people a year. Thank goodness that there is a Plaza Premium lounge and it’s also a member of Priority Pass, because after going through this airport, we needed a refuge.

As we approached the Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad, things got stranger…

I’m not sure why this was outside of the entrance to the lounge, but it’s definitely not the image of “Incredible India” that I was expecting.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

This is the welcome to Hyderabad?

Once we headed down the elevator, the entrance to the club was right in front of us. We showed our boarding passes for Emirates and were admitted in quickly.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

The two bits of good news about this lounge… 1) The air conditioning was working marvelously and 2) There was plenty of seating. The bad? The wifi sucked. Like, really bad. You could move from one seat to the next and lose wifi. 3 feet away, POOF, Wifi gone.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

There were even areas to get some work done if you needed, various desk/workstations were set up all over the lounge.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad

The food in the lounge was pretty basic, but you could fill yourself up if you wanted to. In our case, since we were heading onto an Emirates First Class flight, we obviously did not eat anything. There was a fruit and veggie spread,

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

Selection of pastries,

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

Enough bottled water to make Flint, Michigan happy

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

Stuff we didn’t even consider going near. I mean come on, it’s 30 Celsius outside. You think I want soup?

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

They did have a tasty make to order omelette section however… the options were quite varied for ingredients.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

And some lassi and juice as well…

Overall Impressions

In my opinion, most any lounge is better than no lounge at all. The Plaza Premium lounge has AC, good seating, decent snacks, and is a great respite from the absolute shitshow that is the Hyderabad airport. The lack of Wifi made it very difficult to get any work done, so I’d seek out other accommodations for your wifi if you really need it.

Being a Priority Pass lounge allows members in for free so that’s also a huge plus. I’d be curious to see how the lounge is later in the day as we were there around 9am.

Have you been to this lounge? What’s the afternoon like?

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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