Opinion: Nothing I Say will Stop you from Traveling

Covid cases are on the rise not only all over the USA, but all over the world. ICU beds are filling up in every state in the nation.

Chances are your neighbor, or perhaps even you, decided to get together with friends or family from different households over Thanksgiving or Christmas, against common sense and medical advice.

Nothing I can say to you in person or on this blog is going to change your opinion about traveling during the pandemic. That’s your right to do so, and you can absolutely decide to take your family on any vacation that you choose.

If you’re wondering where all of this is coming from, yesterday I posted about how why right now is the best time to go to Hawaii. Hotels are empty, beaches are secluded, restaurant reservations are easy to come by, and the cost of travel to Hawaii has never been cheaper. The fact of the matter is, that traveling to Hawaii right now is a great value for those who decide that they want to travel, but anything that I put here won’t make you decide to go otherwise.

Our job here is to make sure that we can present facts and information for the public who decide to take trips. 

The Facts

Travel to Hawaii is going to be a lot different now than it will be next year or even as it was last year. Travel to Hawaii right now is safer than travel to any other state, and most countries.

  • Before you fly, you must receive the results from a negative Covid-19 test
    • If you do not have results before you fly, you will be required, BY LAW, to quarantine in your hotel or lodging. No exceptions, no testing out of quarantine.
  • Police and officials from the state of Hawaii will check on you to make sure that you are complying with the quarantine order, in your hotel. If you are not there, you will be fined and face arrest.
  • Masks are required in ALL public spaces, including walking around on the sidewalk.
  • Rental car companies and hotels are required by law to follow the requirements, or face steep penalties.
  • Restaurants and other stores are required to limit patrons.

While we were enjoying our time driving around the island sightseeing, we noticed a couple get out of their car without masks. A police officer came up and issued them a fine on the spot for non-compliance with the mask mandate.

When I take a vacation, I’m actually in less contact with people that I would be at home. On our last trip to Hawaii, the majority of the time was just us, in our car, eating takeout and avoiding housekeeping service. We didn’t share elevators with other people, we practiced good hygiene, we wore masks everywhere, and were even re-tested again, on the island. If that test would have come back positive, we would have quarantined immediately.

Channel your Ire Elsewhere

Just as with many readers blaming all the bloggers for “killing the deal,” I’ve already received a bunch of nasty comments which were deleted for profanity. There’s no need for that, and a civilized discussion can take place without people hiding behind fake names and fame email addresses in the comment thread.

Perhaps your ire should be directed towards the local governments who have placed restrictions in place to allow tourism with safeguards in place.

Perhaps your ire should be directed towards the airlines who continue to fly to the islands.

Perhaps your ire should be directed to people who decide to travel to places that aren’t Hawaii and don’t bother to get a covid test. 

At least at a minimum the people going to the island have to clear at least one hurdle of a negative Covid-19 test, and that’s more than I can say for the majority of people reading and commenting here on the internet.

We’ve had seven negative tests and will continue to do everything in our power to remain Covid free. In order to get your covid test, I encourage you to head to this website and type in “where do I get a covid test in (insert your hometown).”

Do your civic duty, even if you’re asymptomatic.

Nothing I Say Will Change your Mind

If Dr Fauci can’t convince you to stay home, I sure can’t.

If seeing ICU beds full on the news can’t convince you to stay home, I sure can’t.

If your friends or family catching Covid or dying from Covid isn’t enough to convince you to stay home, I sure can’t.

If 291,000 cases yesterday can’t convince you to stay home, I sure can’t.

But, if you do decide to go, it will absolutely be my position to make sure that you’ve got all the information you need to do it safely and securely.

Have a Safe Flight!


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. 100% agree with you. The Covid Cops need to accept that the politicians made the rules after consideration of the pros and cons. There are valid arguments for and against travel. No right or wrong answer. If you are against, then do not travel and focus your anger on the politicians who put the rules in place and get things changed that way. And, let’s face it those who are dishing out the advice do not always take it, Dr. Burke for one was caught visiting her parents at Thanksgiving, we all know about the politicians and Presidents Obama went to Hawaii in December.

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    • I will say, that if Obama followed the mask mandate and the pre-flight testing requirements, I see no reason why he shouldn’t go as he was following the rules.

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      • Not all residents felt the former president’s trip was prudent.

        People are open to criticize leisure travelers from high transmission to low transmission regions, even if it is legal.

        And those who are doing the traveling shouldn’t get reflexively defensive. Instead, acknowledge that there are concerns even with rules in place.

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        • They sure are. Hey, we can agree, I also hate mayo 🙂

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    • We did have kids over for Christmas . . . Two dinners, one with my kids and one with my wifes kids. In my state, we were allowed to do that on Christmas but not Thanksgiving. For TG, we cooked the feast, and the kids all stopped by for “Takeout” we made up meal packages for all the kids and zoomed eating together.
      I was roundly critized by some of my friends for being a Superspreader.
      Yet those same people had large multihousehold gatherings. When I gently pointed out the hypocracy, one couple had the audacity to say “we can do what we want because we’re cautious”
      The biggest scolding Karens are often the worst offenders.
      Both my wife and I get tested weekly, due to our employers rules. My employer sells their quick test kits to employees for $2. (They make 50 million a week). For Christmas, each kid and significant other got a test kit to do in the car before they could come it.
      And I have people tell me Im not cautious

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  2. Bravo. The politicians are saying all travel is bad when the reality is that some travel can be safe. I felt safer in Hawaii the last time I went with pretravel testing, middle seat blocking, HEPA filters, and mandatory masks on planes. Combined with social distancing measures along with the low endemic rate of COVID in Hawaii, it was safer than staying at home. (California, with 20% positivity and 0% bed capacity)

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  3. Going on vacation under constant surveillance is not vacation. I’ll stay home. Puerto Rico is better than Hawaii anyway.

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    • Hey TPOL – good to see your comments! I’ve always found your page to be a great resource for us. No one is constantly watching you in Hawaii. The only way that they are is if you decide to break the law and skip your quarantine. We were never once checked in on, or asked for our whereabouts. Those who are required to quarantine under law, are. As it should be. THanks!

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      • But you just posted that a couple got out of their car before putting on masks and were immediately ticketed. I’d call that “constant surveillance”. Who among us hasn’t stepped out of their car (20+ feet from another human being) and put on their mask while walking toward a store entrance?

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        • The cop gave them time to put masks on, and they didn’t. At the end of the day, they’re lawbreakers, and they were punished accordingly.

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  4. Reading about some of the rudeness and suspicion that mainlanders have been treated with, and the state sending mixed messages about whether it wants tourists or not, I don’t really desire to ever go to Hawaii again post COVID. Too much commercialization, resentment against tourists, and even resentment against fellow Americans. I have been spending a few weeks over the holidays in French Polynesia. People are happy to see tourists, friendly attitude everywhere I go to the point of being invited to eat in local’s homes (free of charge and truly from the heart), and a vibrant Polynesian culture unlike the insular fearful and dying local culture in Hawaii. Also more beautiful islands in my opinion. Not sure why anyone would go to Hawaii when there are so many better choices.

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  5. We just went to the big island with our family and we all had first class with minimal miles, we had to jump through a lot of hoops to get there but had an amazing vacation. It really is a great time to go as we used points for a villa and did all kinds of fun things without to many people around. Also the weather is always amazing and the waves didn’t disappoint.

    Thanks Gerald

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  6. Was the plane packed? Just wondering.

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    • Nope. We flew in first so plenty of distancing. And the coach was about 50%

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