Olympic Screw-ups to Remember

By now you have probably heard about most of the Olympic flops, but I bet you haven’t heard about these…

So here we are, freshly returned from the Rio 2016 Olympic Games and we have finally finished downloading the thousands of pictures we took during our stay there. We’re back, safe and sound, just like we expected, but we wanted to take a minute to talk about all the other incidents.


First one that comes to mind is the bombing that killed one and injured 111, whose perpetrator wasn’t caught for over five years after the incident, or the confusion about which one really is the North Korean flag causing a game delay until the incident was rectified, or definitely the random woman who gatecrashed and marched along the Indian delegation in the Parade of Nations, or the eternal Olympic flame going out, or perhaps paper-thin doors that raise concerns about the athletes’ security, or even a few more bombings that threaten to endanger all attendees, or the media having sub par accommodations, or some athletes arriving to their events late to compete because of traffic jams. So I believe by now you get my point.

The 2016 Rio Olympic Games have been ongoing without any real major glitches, unlike many other previous events that have taken place in predominantly western and developed countries. So, credit where credit is due, as the first Olympic Games held in South America, and I have to say our experience during the games was more than anyone grave Brazil credit for.

Rio Opening Party

Rio Opening Ceremony

Not a single mosquito was sighted during the events (turns out we might have gone overboard with the Zika protection!), we were not robbed at any time even though we walked around all areas during the day and night time, we did not end up in the hospital for eating street food – yes, street food is cheap, tasty and SAFE, people! And no one had to die because of Olympic rings not deploying!

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I couldn’t have said it better myself! My wife and I returned from Rio on 8-7 and it was amazing. Seems like we were sitting in the same vicinity as you at Maracana for the opening ceremony!! Like you said, no mosquito activity, we weren’t robbed, street food was amazing and the locals were friendly as always. The media tends to blow things way out of proportion and I’m glad we didn’t listen.

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    • Glad to see you also enjoyed it, Antonio! I thought our seats would have been too far, but when we got there they were perfect and we had a perfect view of everything going on in the stage. It does look like most of the crime is from privileged American swimmers vandalizing gas stations! 😉

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  2. You know that the story about Boris AAvde is false, righr?

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    • But it’s from a reputable source like the Daily Currant! Of course I know 😉

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