Why I bought my Suit at Office Depot

I’m guessing you clicked on that title because you thought to yourself one of a couple things. “Office Depot doesn’t sell suits?!” or… “What kind of suits does Office Depot sell?” or possibly… “That’s got to be the world ugliest suit.”

In reality this is a quick intro to the world of stacking. Stacking is a method to take advantage of various mileage earning opportunities and then “stack” them on top of one another to earn more miles.

Here’s how I earned a TON of cash back and some good airline miles by buying my suit from an office supply store.

Amex Offers

Do you have an American Express card? If you do, there are tons of free money saving opportunites built right into your card that I’ll bet you didn’t even know existed. Currently, American Express is offering $10 off a $50 purchase at Office Depot. Guess what office depot sells? Macy’s Gift Cards!

I’ve got 4 American Express cards, so that was 4 offers. An easy $40 savings. And since I spent $50 on each of those cards I earned 200 miles from the purchase.

Paying rent online

Shopping Portals

There was a fantastic deal not too long ago that if you purchased something through TopCashBack where the earnings were at 10.5% cash back on purchases. If you’re not familiar with TopCashBack, it’s a shopping portal where you go first before you go shopping online. The simple act of going here first makes you eligible for getting cash back.

Now, some of you seasoned vets will say “you can’t earn cashback on gift card purchases or redemptions…” The terms say that you might not earn it for redemptions. In this test, I did earn the cash back ☺

Macy’s Discounts

Just like then, there is currently a 20% discount going on at Macy’s for Father’s Day purchases. Easy breezy discount.

Plenti Points

Plenti is a simple 1% cash back program from Macy’s and a bunch of other retailers. Adding my Plenti number to the purchase earned me another 1% cash back.

Pan Am Experience


There’s a lot of discounts going on here, so let’s review.

Office Depot:        20% discount by using Amex
Office Depot:        200 airline miles
TopCashBack:      10.5% cash back
Macy’s Discount:   20% discount
Plenti Discount:   1% off

Total Discount: 51.5% discount

And, I got a pretty nice suit out of it! You see, if I would have simply walked in to Macys and bought the suit, I would have only had the 1% discount. If you don’t have any American Express cards yet, click on the banner below. You’ll find a bunch of different options including the Platinum card, a pretty awesome SPG card, and even the Delta card offering 70,000 miles with signup.

Anyone else out there had some pretty awesome stacking deals? Share below!

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. You didn’t buy suit at office depot. What you bought is gift card to buy suit. Nice gimmick of stacking. Another low level click bait.

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    • Stacking isn’t a gimmick but it is an awesome way to earn a ton of miles or cash back. Thanks for reading!

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    • Of course, we’re not monkeying around when it comes to earning miles! 😉

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  2. BTW you earned 160 MR as AMEX will deduct 10 MR per statement credit.

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