Numerous End of Year Gift Card Discounts via Samsung Pay

For those of you with Samsung phones, here’s a potential big money saver for you. Right now through the end of the year, Samsung is offering up to 20% off gift cards at popular stores including Lowe’s, Gap, and Chili’s.

The Deal

As an avid iPhone user, I had no idea of these Samsung deals until a friend showed me the Samsung pay app on her phone. Every month, Samsung will typically put a variety of gift cards on sale, ranging from the mundane to the spectacular.

The gift cards are delivered instantly and you can use them minutes after you purchase them.

Here’s a rundown of the end of year deals. Keep in mind these deals are valid from 12/26/19-12/31/19.:

Aeropostale 20% off

AirBnB 5% off

Bed Bath and Beyond 7% off

Brinker (Chili’s Maggianos On The Border) 20% off

Dominos Pizza 15% off

DoorDash 6% off

DSW 15% off

eBay 4% off

Fanatics 15% off

GameStop 7% off

Gap Family 15% off 10% off

Jamba Juice 6% off

Kohl’s 10% off

Krispy Kreme 10% off

Legal Sea Foods 20% off

Lowe’s 10% off

Lululemon 5% off

Michaels 10% off

Sony PlayStation 10% off

Southwest Airlines 5% off

Steak and Shake 20% off

TGI Friday’s 20% off

The Children’s Place 20% off

Ultra Beauty 6% off

Wayfair 6% off

You don’t have a Samsung Phone?

Well, I didn’t either, so I bought one on eBay! Once I bought it on eBay and set up Samsung Pay, I gained access to all the deals. You don’t have to activate service, just use the phone on a WiFi network and you get all the same access as everyone else.

Some Limits Apply

Keep in mind that per phone or per account you can only buy two gift cards at a time. This is set in place to block people coming in and spending thousands of dollars and taking all the deals for themselves. I also assume this is to stop resellers from flooding the markets with cheap gift cards.

Happy Shopping!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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