The New Delta Sprezzabox, Unboxed!

I was trolling around Facebook the other day and I ran across a SprezzaBox promo for Delta. I assumed it was one of those wardrobe-in-a-box silly things that seem to be popping up everywhere. There’s wardrobe in a box, dinner in a box, shavers in a box, etc, and they all have a subscription plan. 

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What is Sprezza Box?

Sprezza Box

Sprezza Box

Sprezza box is a pre-picked box that’s sent out every month to your home. The monthly plan is $28 including tax and shipping, which isn’t that horrible of a deal. Every month you’ll get between 5 and 6 items that range from a tie to socks to sunglasses and more.

I’m not a big fan of being forced to subscribe to anything, but when I saw that this was a Delta themed box, I thought I’d give it a go! Plus, if you used the code Bonusbox, you got 2 boxes for the price of one!

The Delta Sprezza Box

The box arrived and I couldn’t get the scissors quick enough… I was so excited!

Delta Sprezza Box

Once you open the box there are some advertising materials, including a special deal for Harry’s Shave Club

Delta Sprezza Box

Delta Sprezza Box

And then… Tada! The good stuff!

Delta Sprezza Box

The Ingredients

Delta Sprezza Box

So, what’s inside?


A super classy tie, the red white and blue goes well with a suit or without.

LSTN Headphones

The LSTN in-ear headphones are finished off with real wood and the sound quality is just as nice. I gave them a listen before we went on our last trip and the sounds were crisp and clear.

Delta Passport Case

Don’t just throw your passport in your backpack, use this Delta embossed passport case to give your passport a little more style and flair

Sprezza Socks

God knows I go through socks, and since black socks suck. Adding some cool socks to your wardrobe are, if nothing else, a conversation starter.

Sprezza Plane Tie Clip

You just got a kick ass tie, so you’ll now need an awesome tie clip to go along with it. This plane tie clip shows how much you love travel and is subtle enough from a distance to still be professional.

Brickell Day Serum

 Significantly boost skin elasticity, restore firmness, and stimulate collagen production with the Brickell Day Serum. You get a trial pack to see if you like it.

Was it worth it?

I’d say for this box, yea it was worth it. I don’t have many ties and I like the other accessories as well. I’ll probably give it another month and see what next month’s box holds before I decide to pull the plug, but for $28 shipped, it’s one hell of a deal.

Have you tried Sprezza Box?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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