New Amazon Go Store Opening soon to the Public in Seattle

Imagine walking into a grocery store with no carts, with no cashiers, with no check out lanes. Simply walk in, grab what you need, and walk out. No money is exchanged hands, and in some cases, no words are even needed to be spoken. How can this be possible? Welcome to Amazon Go.

In its 20+ years of existence, has gone from a small upstart online book seller to a world power in e-commerce. Never comfortable with settling for good enough, Jeff Bezos has launched offline with various ventures including (list ventures here). The latest venture is Amazon Go, launching in Seattle in just the next couple of months.

Talk about a revolutionary new concept! The way it works is pretty simple, and could seriously shake up the way people shop for everything.

Enter the store and scan your phone. This will register you as having entered the store and start to track your purchases.

Simply go about shopping for whatever you like. As you take it off the shelf you’re registered as taking the product. If you don’t want it, then just simply put it back!

Ready to pay? Just leave out the front door and your credit card on file will be charged for all the items and the applicable sales tax. That’s it!

Amazon Go

How do they do it? No one is sharing any of that information as it’s proprietary and they don’t want to give up any secrets. They’re using totally vague words and concepts like “Computer Vision,” “Deep Learning Algorithms,” and “Sensor Fusion: to try and sell the concept, but in reality, those don’t really tell us too much. They’re dubbing it Just Walk Out technology, and it’s set to be a game changer.

Amazon Go

The store is currently up and running in a beta test for amazon employees, but expect it to be open shortly for the general public.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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