Nauseous Farts Cause Medical Emergency in RDU

Well, doesn’t this stink. I suppose we could call this Breaking News about breaking wind, but this turned up to be a horrible experience for a ton of passengers. While we’ve all passed gas on a plane before, or at least been around someone who has, these farts on a plane are some of the worst I’ve heard of.

Today a plane landed in RDU and every single passenger was taken off of the plane and many were complaining about nausea and headaches. Fearing the worst, they landed and claimed a medical emergency. I’ve been looking at the flight arrivals and it seems like everything was either on time or only slightly delayed, so apparently it didn’t cause too much of a commotion.

American Airlines over SXM from

RDU officials didn’t say where the American Airlines flight was going to or coming from, just that it landed around 4pm today. Once they investigated, it was determined that a passenger had been farting the entire flight… excuse me… “passing gas” I suppose is the more political correct term.

Just thinking, that must have been some seriously rancid gas. I mean, people pass gas all the time on planes, but for dozens of people to get sick enough to land the plane? Wow.

Huffington Post did a piece a while back about HAFE, High Altitude Flatus Explusion. Effectively, when you’re at a higher altitude your gases are expanding, even in your bowels. Since that gas has to escape somehow, people fart more! Simple explanation really… but I’ve not heard of gas so putrid and foul that the EMS was called onboard. Most flights are pressurized to between 6,000 and 8,000 feet. I suppose this explains why every time I go to Denver to visit family, I drink a ton more water to make sure that I’m more… regular.

Farting on a Plane

With that said, might we recommend some Gas X?


UPDATE: It looks as though the initial official statement from RDU airport wasn’t accurate and wasn’t severe flatulence but a mechanical issue instead

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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