Must Have Business Travel Gadgets

For all of those who travel for business and spend most of their lives on the road, life can get slightly more complex since one doesn’t necessarily carry their house around to enjoy all of the comforts of being home. Do check our previous list of Gizmos and Gadgets.

These are some of the gadgets I have ran into that might make life a bit more amenable while on the road:

Shirt Steamer

Because you don’t want to be the guy (or gal) whose shirts look like they were taken from the dryer and packed in a rush at the bottom of your suitcase, even when they really were.

Tide to Go

I do a ton of presentations with whiteboards. Which means I always end up with tons of marker stains on my hands, arms, shirts and pants. For all those not on my body, these guys do a great job of taking care of my clumsiness.

Laundry Kit

I may or may not have been pooped on by a bird on my way back from work not too long ago while on a business trip. So I decided to be prepared for next time. It’s not that unusual to have to extend business trips a few more days (that you weren’t counting on) or you might be stuck somewhere for a few days because of weather, and this kit will get you out of trouble if you need to quickly get an extra change of clothes ready.

Portable Espresso Maker

Yeah. Some of us cannot stand the nasty airline coffee and would rather pass out from exhaustion than consume drip coffee (or tea) brewed with water that’s pumped from deep within the guts of an airplane. If you’re more into espresso instead, this cool little gadget will make 1 or 1.5 shots of espresso in a matter of minutes in a fully manual way. All you need is to ask the flight attendant for hot water and pump the smooth espresso yourself, crema included. You’re welcome.

Travel Toiletry Kit

We love staying at luxury hotels. We REALLY do. And we stay there about 98.7% of the time. But on a recent trip to a rather small and remote town in the Philippines, we were forced to stay at a rather sub par property. And I regretted not carrying any toiletries with me, as they provided nothing other than towels. These are small and practical enough!

Dude Wipes

Yup. I don’t really have to write a review for these. All I will say is they’re like a portable bidet inside a pouch. As they themselves put it, ‘let it rip’.

Air Humidifier

Have you gone on a trip to a really cold, dry place only to come back with your lips all chapped and nose feeling dry like cardboard? I have been toying with the idea of getting one of these for every time we end up in the Midwest during winter, and I wonder if it would make a noticeable difference. Do let me know if you carry one like this with ya.

Noise Cancelling Headphones

They’re pretty steep in price, but it’s definitely one of the best purchases I’ve ever made. It enables me to actually listen to the movies I’m watching while flying without the airplane noise getting in the way. Also, pretty useful when I want to nap in a long haul flight without any noise waking me up. Great for cancelling out chatty seat mates and the occasional snorer as well.


What are your favorite must have items when traveling for work?



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Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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    • Ha! God help me if that ever happens to me. Once for Ben was enough 🙂

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  1. One suggestion: I had the Bose QuietComfort. Traded in on Amazon (for a nice trade-in value) and got Bose earbuds. Wow! I haven’t loved an audio thingy so much since my first iPhone. Tiny enough to stuff anywhere in my carry-on. Keep them in for flatbed sleep — even for side-sleepers.

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    • Do they really work for noise cancelling?

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