Microtel Hotel, Puerto Princesa, A Review

The Microtel in Puerto Princesa boasts itself as being the only beachfront hotel in the area, because Puerto Princesa city isn’t known for it’s glorious beaches. That honor goes to El Nido in the north. But the hotel is a fantastic value at around $40 a night including breakfast. Since I figured it was a chain that I recognized from the states, the hotel should be just as stunning as the Best Western from the night prior, right? Right?

Well, this is the Microtel. This is no Best Western.

After an uneventful check-in, we were given our roomkeys to our rooms on the 2nd floor. NOTE: There is no elevator, so if you can’t do stairs make sure to request a room on the first floor.

The rooms are … spartan at best. The beds were clean and comfortable, and that’s what I really ask for at the end of the day.

Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

The bathroom was in need of a proper deep cleaning as you can tell the shower had seen better days.

Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

But the other bathroom amenities were perfect for the short stay that we were going to be there.

Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

The view from the room was that onto the beach. You can tell the BIG difference between low tide and high tide, as the mangrove trees extend a good 50 feet out from the beach.

Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

At night, the water came up almost half way from that picture and when we woke up in the morning it was almost to the retaining wall by the hotel.

The guys were feeling in the mood for a massage, but I wanted to get some blogging work done, so I headed to the restaurant to get a drink while they headed poolside for their hour massage with the relaxing breeze and waves.

A little poolside massage

A little poolside massage

Notice the drink menu? I’m sure that the blowjob is just a shot, right? Not sure how I feel about asking the wait staff for a blowjob (Ha!)

Blowjob anyone?

Blowjob anyone?

We stuck around for dinner, as it was late and there weren’t that many options. Between the three of us we had a beef oxtail dish and chicken curry. Both were underwhelming, but tasty.

Dinner at Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa Dinner at Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

For dessert we tried the mangoes and the Halo Halo!

Halo Halo!

After a good night’s rest we woke up at 730am and headed down for lunch, I mean breakfast, I mean, whatever the heck they serve here in the Philippines. 🙂

Breakfast Area Breakfast at Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

The choices were cereal (not pictured), rice, soup, sausage, or vegetables! Joy.

Breakfast at Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa Breakfast at Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa Breakfast at Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa Microtel Hotel Puerto Princesa

We headed back to the room to grab our things as the 9am shuttle would be waiting to take us to the airport to head off to Boracay for the last and final (and most relaxing) part of our journey.

Has anyone stayed at a Microtel outside of the USA? Or for that matter, in the USA? How’s the quality match up?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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