Maximizing Alaska Airlines 10K Point Promotion

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If you haven’t heard yet, Alaska Airlines is offering a fantastic promotion. Starting March 1st, the airline is promising a minimum of 10,000 miles on any flight between North America and a non-North American destination. However, what makes this promotion different is that it’s solely focused on partner flights. That’s right – Alaska is encouraging you to fly other airlines.

The promotion takes minimal effort too. You don’t need to register or anything. Just fly one of Alaska’s partners between March 1st and December 31st and credit your flight to Alaska. Do that and you’ll be looking at a minimum of 10,000 miles earned on your round-trip flight.

Alaska has some great partners which make this promotion even easier. Flights on any of the following partners are eligible for the promotion:

Aer Lingus, British Airways, Cathay Pacific, Condor, EL AL Israel Airlines, Emirates, Fiji Airways, Finnair, Hainan Airlines, Icelandair, Japan Airlines, Korean Air, LATAM Airlines, Qantas, Singapore Airlines

Making the Most of this Promotion

Alaska Airlines promised “a minimum of 10,000 miles round-trip” on flights between North America and a non-North American destination. That doesn’t mean that you’ll earn an additional 10,000 miles on each flight. Just that you have a pretty solid baseline to work from.

While the name of this site is No Mas Coach, that’s not where you’ll get the most value from this promotion (sorry, Jon!). I’m not saying to avoid premium cabins – they’re the best way to fly long-haul in comfort. Premium cabin travel on Alaska’s partners already earn a ton of miles. Most international travel up front will end up earning over 10,000 miles round-trip anyway.

The Best Options

LATAM 787 Dreamliner

If you’re looking for the greatest value, you’ll generally want to head to Europe. Just browsing around this morning, I was able to find quite a few flights on Alaska Airlines’ partners in the $300 range. You’re also able to get flights from the West Coast to Asia in a similar price range. However, most of the cheapest fares are to/through China. I definitely understand the hesitancy to travel there at the moment. If you’re looking to maximize the extra miles earned, a relatively short hop to South America will earn over 8,000 extra miles.

What’s even more amazing about this promotion is the value you can get from some of these flights. Flights from Barcelona to New York would typically earn 2,862 Alaska miles on the cheapest fares. However, with the promotion, you’d net 10,000 miles. At just $224, that’s a cost of just 2.24 cents per mile.

During Alaska’s mileage sales, that’s same as the best rates you’ll get purchasing miles. Just to get that rate, you’ll usually need to buy tens of thousands of miles and spend a few grand. In this case, not only will you get 10,000 miles. You’ll also get a trip to somewhere really cool. If you’re interested in booking, here are links to some of the best deals we found.

  • Barcelona to New York: $224
  • New York to Paris: $274
  • Los Angeles to Shanghai: $302
  • New York to London: $318
  • San Francisco to London: $369
  • Seattle to London: $388
  • Miami to Lima: $461
  • Orlando to Rio de Janiero $500

Final Thoughts

Alaska’s 10,000 mile promotion is one of the better airline promotions we’ve seen come along in a while. It basically ensures everyone flying on one of their partners gets a ton of miles, regardless of cabin. However, if you’re looking for the best value from this promotion, you’ll want to look for the cheapest tickets.

Kudos to Alaska Airlines for running such a cool promotion.

Are you planning to take advantage of the latest Alaska Airlines promotion?

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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  1. It is me or is the busiest airport in the world never a good place to get deals?

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    • Generally speaking, no. That’s what happens when one airline controls 75% of the traffic.

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  2. So can we buy the tickets in February? Or do we have to wait til March 1st to buy? I was about to book an international flight.

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    • Yep! You can book whenever. Just have to fly between 3/1 and 12/31.

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  3. Do flights from Europe to USA qualify for this? Mt reading was from us departure

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    • Ken- I reached out to Alaska Airlines. Flights in both directions are eligible.

      “That does not need to start in North America. As long as travel is between North America, and a non-North America destination on an eligible partner, you’re good to go.”

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  4. is this a one time travel deal or you can get this bonus on every trip you book for the eligible travel period

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    • You should be able to get this for every eligible trip during the travel period. If you’ve got 5 return trips booked, then you’ll get a minimum of 50k miles. That’s pretty generous if you ask me.

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  5. last december i bought a ticket for travel from dallas to manila on july; will i get the bonus if i credit the trip in my alaska air account? i’m flying japan airlines

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    • Yup! Minimum of 5,000 each way.

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  6. So if I book a flight on Aer Lingus and put my Alaska airlines mileage number and fly this summer, I will get 10k points or how do I get the credit on my Alaska airlines mileage? Sorry- I am just not clear on how they will be awarded

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    • That’s exactly right. It’s going to be automatic.

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