Man lands on Moon, gets confused about airlines…

Via The Points Guy yesterday, Buzz Aldrin headed to Nepal for the first time!



He’s heading to speak to a group of students at the Everest Science Center in celebration of National Science Day.  He instagrammed a picture of himself heading to Nepal in, you guessed it, Emirates First Class.  Because once you’ve been cramped in that small Apollo 11 capsule, then you absolutely have to have a little more room!


Heading off in style to a new country I’ve never been to. Nepal! Who’s coming to the Everest Science Center?

A photo posted by Buzz Aldrin (@drbuzzaldrin) on

I call Shenanigans however… because Emirates does not fly to Kathmandu.

As much as we travel, one of the parts that we hate is going through customs and immigration.  We know we’re not bringing anything we shouldn’t be, but it’s still part of the process.  Recently, Buzz posted some pics of his trip to the moon from 1969.  But not just any pics.  They were his reimbursement receipts from the government! 

Can you imagine if he actually charged them by the MILE?  Looks like he charged them 7 cents a mile for the 8 miles for a total of 56 cents.  If he would have charged those 7 cents per mile for the distance to the moon (238,900 one way) he could have been reimbursed for a total of $33,446.

Just after that, he posted his Customs form from Honolulu!  Yup… moon rocks and moon dust. In Honolulu?!  They’re lucky to have CLEARED customs.

It does look like he was flying the A380, so I wonder if he was leaving out of JFK? SFO? LAX? Maybe IAD?  Or even perhaps ORD?

How do you think he connected from Dubai to Kathmandu?  I know that flyDubai offers connections with Emirates flights, maybe he flew them?

Has anyone ever been to Nepal?  Leave some tips in the space below!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. First of all, I think the title is incorrect. I don’t think he “gets confused about airlines”. He said he is “heading off” to a new country. He did not say it would be a direct flight. If you look at his twitter account you will see a picture of his connecting flight from Dubai to Nepal. As he puts it, that connecting flight was “a little more down to earth.”

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    • Looks like he did fly flyDubai, and I know they offer connection services 🙂 I’ll be that’s what he did! Of all the days it would have been awesome to fly in first class on Dubai, this would have been extra special.

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