A Machine Washable Travel Blazer? Sign me up!

For anyone who knows me, I’m team #WellDressed when I travel. But also, I loathe uncomfortable clothing so I’ve always found it hard to reconcile those two ideas. Enter the Bluffworks blazer.

I had heard about the Bluffworks brand when they were going for their Kickstarter campaign and I knew it was being marketed as clothing for travelers, but I never dug deeper into that idea as it was hard for me to figure out what that even meant. That is, until Bluffworks reached out and graciously offered to send us some of their awesome items for us to try out, including the Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer.

Bluffworks Gramercy Blazer

I have hated wearing blazers since I was a little kid as that was part of my uniform when I attended a Christian private school. I found them uncomfortable and restrictive, since I’m always running warm and like a good Italian I tend to move my arms around a lot when I talk. I was a little bit apprehensive going in since upon doing my research, I learned that they’re made of polyester.

To my surprise, I haven’t found a suit jacket or blazer as comfortable as the Bluffworks blazer. We got our package just before Christmas, before we left for Argentina, so I only got a chance to try it on for size as we were running out the door to catch our flight. Since they felt like the right fit, I decided to wear them for the long-haul flights from Seattle to Buenos Aires. We had a couple business meetings right after landing so it felt like the best time to put them to the test.

Bluffworks Blazer

Bluffworks Blazer

Why is it the best Travel Blazer ever?

Machine washable. Line or tumble dry.

This is GIANT. I have been wearing it maybe twice a week since Christmas and haven’t had to wash it yet, but it’s not gotten a single wrinkle even though I wore it on my 3 flights down to Argentina and back. That’s more than 16 hours of continuous wear, each way. It hasn’t so far started stinking, or at least no one has told me so. But when it gets wrinkled or stinky, I’ll just shove it in the washer and dryer and be done with it. Call me silly but I am amazed by the simplest of things.

Lightweight 5.99 oz. fabric

This made it very easy for me to make my decision to bring it along. No bulky, heavy extras allowed in my bags when I travel. Also, knowing that it wouldn’t wrinkle, I didn’t feel any guilt when I shoved into my backpack for later use during lovely 100-degree Buenos Aires lunch time.

Polyester, perforated back lining. Unlined sleeves.

I’ve had some fancy tailored suits before with no sleeve lining and always felt this is what makes suits look sleek and not have baggy sleeves. I may be wrong, but that what I feel with JC Penney suits…

10 total pockets, including zippered storage for security and hidden cash / credit card pocket.

This I didn’t particularly care too much about, until I realized how I could carry a whole bunch of stuff without my pockets actually showing any bulks. A few of them are zippered, so they’re practical to carry around stuff like passports, wallets, cash or anything you want to keep off reach. The great thing about this is that it does not look like a suit with hidden pockets so no one will know.

Bluffworks Blazer

Bluffworks Blazer

I got mine in Blue Hour color, and it’s sexy as hell. It also comes in Gotham Grey and Northwest Grey, which look pretty cool too. Since I’m not extremely formal I wear it with jeans and a plain T-shirt unless I feel like classying it up with a shirt, but either works great, especially when traveling halfway round the world.

The blazers cost $295 and come in sizes 36 through 48, both classic and slim fit, and long, regular and short lengths. Bluffworks also recently launched a line of matching suit pants called the Gramercy Pants, which I have been complimented on a few times. They run promotions quite regularly and offer substantial discounts. As soon as I got my first pair of Gramercy Pants, I ordered myself a second pair to take advantage of a sale they were running over New Years.

If you travel for work and you need to look sharp as hell, and you’re not in the game of paying out the ears for a really nice looking (and feeling) blazer, you gotta get yourself one of these. If you find yourself scrambling for your passport, phone, boarding passes or pen, it turns out you can now carry them on your blazer and look good in it too. You’ll probably catch me wearing it in the next FTU in Seattle, so feel free to ask about it if you do, I’m happy to let y’all check it out to help you get onboard.

In the meantime, go check out their website for more info on their blazers and other clothing items. If you’ve already got them, let us know what you think of them in the comments.

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Eddie Bauer also makes a washable blazer for a lot less money

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    • They sure do. Love Eddie Bauer for everything we do outdoors (as I’m wearing one of their jackets in this cold rainy Seattle morning), but I certainly wouldn’t bring that blazer into a meeting with clients or a cocktail party. It’s also not wrinkle free, which is my requirement for anything that will be packed in a carryon or worn for hours during a flight.

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