Low Aeromexico Business Class Fares Continue… to Panama!

Not too long ago we reported about the really low business class fares from the USA to South America. Finding decent fares in Business and First class, including Aeromexico Business Class, is what we try to do here. They’re becoming more and more scarce however, as cheap economy tickets have been coming from all over the place. We still like to try and sniff out a deal though!

Just a couple of days ago we posted about the $1300 round trip fares from New York to Paris

From our friends over at Secret Flying, Aeromexico has fantastic fares in Business Class from New York City to Panama, starting at only $675 round trip.

The fares are good from now until November, and while some of the flights are a short 2-3 hour connection, some of the dates include long layovers in Mexico City which would allow you to see an amazing and vibrant city for a day as well.

Mexico City, from Wikipedia

Aeromexico hasn’t been pricing correctly lately through google flights, so you can either look for these on the Aeromexico website (harder to come by) or just book directly with Priceline.com. Here’s a sample of dates in August that have one of those layovers on the way there, but is more direct on the way back.

Aeromexico Sale

And here’s an example in October with a shorter layover, so you don’t have to wait so long in Mexico City to get to Panama.

Aeromexico Sale

Some of the flights out of JFK are operated by a Dreamliner, but it’s hit or miss. The flights from Mexico City to Panama will be operated by their regular 737 service which we experienced back in November. It was pretty decent, especially for a short flight.

Where to credit the flights?

When you fly Aeromexico and credit to Delta, you’ll still earn a mile for every mile flown, and since these are business class flights, you’ll get a nice 50% bonus. 

Since we fly Alaska, we’ll be crediting these to Alaska Mileage plan where the tickets earn an additional 25% over the base mileage flown. At 7,160 base miles flown, it’ll provide a nice chunk of miles to any account.

Where to stay in Panama?

We had an amazing stay at the Waldorf Astoria hotel. You can read about our stay here . Also, right now, you can Enjoy a $50 Waldorf Astoria Hotels & Resorts reward per night, when you book a min 2-night stay.

They really did a great job of treating us like royalty, and the prices were really cheap.

So, anyone heading to Panama?


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Great review. What type of business class seats are on the 737?

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