Looking to work in the travel industry?

Who doesn’t love to travel? If you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously one of them. Whether it’s getting on a train to go visit family or getting on a plane to go see the world, travel is addictive 😊

There are so many ways to work in the travel industry; you could be a travel agent, a flight attendant, a gate agent, hotel manager, etc, you could even work in the airport, perhaps as security and meet wonderful people. I kid… I kid…

Dr Dao United Airlines


One of our really good friends here in Seattle has been looking to add someone to her team at a very prominent lounge in the airport, and she’s running into some brick walls. Some of the people have the customer service skills, but not the travel experience. Some of the people have the travel experience, but not the customer service. In this industry, service is key (unless you’re United Airlines and then you can just do whatever the hell you want with passengers and move on).

American Express Centurion Lounge Seattle

The company is a world-renowned leader in the travel industry that I’m sure everyone has worked with one time or another. The benefits include generous time off, discounts for hotels/airlines all over the world, lounge access in airports, and more.

Requirements for the job include:

• The ability to smile
• Customer Service Skills and Conflict Resolution
• A basic understanding of airports, airlines, and the like (in other words, you should be able to find Paris on a map and know the name of its airport)
• Some weekends/night might be required
• Ya gotta be in the Seattle area or willing to move here

If you’d like to know more, email us here and let us know. We’ll give you the contact information for our friend and get you the information for her. But, with that said, if you’re reading this blog, you’ve already a leg up!

Good luck!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. think about your opening :

    “Who doesn’t love to travel? Obviously if you’re reading this blog, you’re obviously one of them.”

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