Limited Time to score Apple Products at a Discount

Apple threw a huge curveball into the miles and points world yesterday when they announced that they would be creating an all-encompassing Apple gift card that we be good on all apple products, company wide.

All previous iTunes gift cards will now go into your “Apple Balance” and could be used on product purchases such as laptops, AirPods, and more.

So, why is this such a big deal?

Huge Discounts

In the past several years, apple has sold their iTunes gift cards via Best Buy, Target, even Dollar General stores at discounts of 15-20% off. Many people, including yours truly, bought them to beef up their iTunes balance. I was using them to buy in-app purchases and pay for things like my HBO Max membership. It was a great was to get 15% off (plus the credit cards rewards)

Limited Time Opportunities

Since Apple is launching this catchall card, it is very likely that iTunes cards are going to be removed from the shelves of all the major retailers as soon as the company that stocks them can remove them from the shelves. It is also entirely possible that a mandate from Apple might come out, asking all retailers to immediately pull them from their shelves while waiting for the new cards to be delivered.

With that said, you’ve got a very short opportunity to get these iTunes cards with some great discounts. Here’s some examples of how to score deals before these fly off the shelves.

  • Best Buy Credit Card holders can earn 5% cash back on all purchases with their Best Buy credit card, and earn 1% additionally if you’re a Best Buy Elite member for a total of 6% cash back.
  • Target Circle members earn 1% back on all purchases and Target Red Card holders earn 5% back as well, for a total of 6% cash back.
  • Via Staples, you can earn 5% cash back with your Ink Cash card on all purchases in Office Supply stores
  • Via Office Depot, you can earn that same 5% cash back, but also by linking your Ink card to the ShopKick app, you can earn additionally another 2% for ShopKick rewards, If you don’t have a ShopKick app, you can download it here.

Grocery Stores

Many credit cards are offering bonus points at grocery stores, so if you head to your local grocery store, not only would you earn the 2/3/4x points at those grocery stores, you could also earn the fuel points or loyalty points for those grocery stores.

Safeway Gift Cards

Safeway Gift Cards

Summing it up…

There’s no telling when iTunes cards are going to be removed from stores, and there’s also no guarantee that the new gift cards will show up for sale in stores, so as with all things, if you’re looking to snag a discount on some apple products now, don’t wait to see if the discount is available later.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. So its de facto 5% savings on an app store gift card. Ok. In return for that you can’t pay for the apple product with your credit card (1% return) and don’t get purchase protection and extended warranty. i don’t see the deal, sorry

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    • Typically if you buy any portion of the purchase with a credit card it’ll cover the entire product. So…

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