Korean Air’s most Ridiculous and Stupid Sale Ever

Airlines are known for running sales all the time. Some of the airlines (I’m looking at you Spirit) take advantage of recent events and run crazy sales (like the MILF sale, or the Man Bun sale). Some airlines have sale fares that they later claim was due to a system glitch and cancel your flights.

But when this tweet came across my twitter feed, I had to stop. Not just because it was so outrageous, but I can only imagine the amount of people who must have fell for this click bait.

Not many people I know have flown Korean Air. We had the chance to fly them back in 2015 and had a moderately OK experience. We found that their service was very “matter-of-fact” and lacked a lot of emotion or charm. With that said, the food was good and the experience was adequate. I hear their first class product is awesome, and maybe one day we’ll have that luxury… but it certainly won’t be with this sale.


That’s right everyone! Step right up for your massive new year discount of TWO PERCENT! Where will 2018 take me? Definitely not on one of your aircraft.

Korean Air Promo

From now until January 9 you can save a whopping TWO PERCENT on all business class and economy class tickets. Keep in mind that this is for the base fare, not any of the taxes or fees, making this promo about as worthless as a bag of cat farts.

Korean Air Promotion


So you really go through with this massive discount, eh? Ok then… here’s the deets!

The discount is only available for those 2 months listed and you’ve got to book by Tuesday the 9th. The discount code, NEWYEAR, is good for 2% off the base price.

Oh, and you’ve got to be logged into your SkyPass account. Don’t have one? You’ve got to create one, even if you don’t want to credit to SkyPass.

Here’s a sample fare from Seattle to Seoul:

Seattle to Seoul

As you can see, the total discount for this flight comes out to be $14.06. That’s 2% off of the $703 base fare price. Anyone wanna run for they credit card with that huge discount?

Perhaps I’m being harsh…

Ok, so, maybe I’m being too hard on Korean Air. “They’re trying to offer a discount,” some will say. “They’re giving a New Year’s break on fares to customers,” others might proclaim. But in all honesty, they can do better. In today’s world where sites like Thrifty Traveler shoot out deals all day long saving hundreds if not thousands of dollars to destinations worldwide, Korean Air has got to step up their game.

There are just too many deals out there for you to get suckered by a 2% discount. If you really want to save more than 2%, check out some of the credit cards below. We, as always, appreciate your support!


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Now how big is that bag of cat farts? Might be able to recover some methane and sell it. In all seriousness, I read this thinking that someone dropped a zero from the discount.

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    • Nope… an awesome 2%!

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  2. 2%? OMG! Be still my heart!

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  3. When was the last time United or Delta offered any percent off all their flights? 2 is more than 0.

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    • All the time! Delta and United run sales every day.

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