John Wayne Anaheim Airport Admiral’s Club, Lounge Review

Located just above gate 8 in the John Wayne SNA Airport, the Admiral’s Club is a great place to relax, far away from the hoards of screaming Disney children and their parents in the Anaheim airport.

How to get to the Club

Once you head past security, find gate 8. Turn around and ducked behind the “learn CPR” machine is an elevator to the club.

During the winter the hours are limited because of the last flights out, but as long as you have access  you can get in. The club is massive, considering the amount of passengers that go through Anaheim. There’s seating for easily 70-80 people spread out amongst two seating areas. There’s a larger back area and the main area with the food.

Speaking of food, there was a soup option

Cookies and brownies

My favorite (the Neopolitan mix)

Hummus and veggies and the infamous cheese cubes

They’ve got a big bar as well, but as American charges for most things in the bar, I didn’t really spend much time here.

Truth be told, the lounge isn’t anything special, but considering the other option is sitting downstairs with screaming families, it’s a good thing.

It just kinda sucks now that you HAVE to be flying on American or Alaska to enter the lounge. You used to be able to fly on anyone, but since AA implemented the change, the lounge I imagine is going to be a little less full.

It’s not a lounge you’re going to tell your grandkids about one day (that’s the Emirates or Etihad lounge for sure) but, with free food, good wifi, and a comfortable seating area, its perfect for a preflight stopover before you head back home.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. John Wayne Airport is in Santa Ana/Irvine, not Anaheim. Sometimes it’s also referred to as John Wayne-Orange County Airport–never Anaheim.

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  2. When SNA was my home airport, the AA Club was a nice intimate space to relax in before my flights. Small indeed but very personable. The staff was the nicest of all the AA Clubs I have been to. Yes it is a small lounge, but ever when I was there never more that 15 other members were there. Being in Southern California in the Newport Beach/Laguna Beach area you might even run into an actor/actress there as well. Thank you SNA AA Club, your the best!

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  3. How in the hell did John Wayne Airport transport from Santa Ana to Anaheim?

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    • SNA = Anaheim = Santa Ana = Irvine = (shrug). It’s all close to one another 🙂

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  4. Anaheim Airport? Where is that? I know of an airport in Costa Mesa that is the “John Wayne” airport also know as Orange County.

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