Is the Hyatt Regency Dulles Airport the best Category 1 hotel for Globalists in the USA?

It’s hard for me to find airport hotels that I actually enjoy. Typically, actually almost always, if I’m staying over at an airport hotel, it’s because I just need a bed after arriving late or before leaving early. If there’s a shuttle, a quiet room and clean bedsheets, I’m good. The Hyatt Regency checks all those boxes, and it’s actually a nice place to stay!

For Hyatt Elites, the hotel comes with free Breakfast, free Parking on points stays, and generous upgrades. Considering that it’s also a category 1 hotel for only 5,000 points a night, I’d have to ask… if this the best Category One hotel out there for US based Hyatt Globalists?

The Hotel

Parking was easy and right out front of the hotel. After a quick stroll through the entrance, turn right to see the main check in desk. Within 2 minutes we were with key in hand and up to our room.

a building with a sign

Note, that with many hotels now in a post omicron-Covid 19 era, masks are becoming more optional if you’re vaccinated. I’m a firm believer that people who aren’t getting vaccinated probably don’t believe in masks anyway, so I find this practice downright scary, so you’ll see me with my mask at all times, thank you very much!

a sign with people wearing masks

The Room

We headed towards the elevator to our corner room at the end of the hallway. We always ask (in advance) for a corner room, as you’re eliminating the chance of a noisy neighbor by 50%.

a hallway with many doors and a carpet

I was happy to see that the room was sealed off by Housekeeping with a sticker on the door from the Hyatt Stay Safe program.

a sign on a door

Once in the room the work desk with lamp and charging station was immediately to the right…

a desk with a lamp and a painting on the wall

And a sofa was directly in front.

a painting on the wall

The television that divided the living area from the sleeping area was on a swivel, so you could either watch from the bed or the couch.

a tv on a stand in a hotel room

Your standard Hyatt Regency Kind Bed with charging on both sides of the bed. THANK YOU!!

a bed with two pillows on it

The bathroom seemed kind of tight, with our room only having a shower with no tub. I’m not sure if the tub comes as an option or not, but as someone who enjoys a nice soak after a long day, this was a let down.

a bathroom with a glass shower door

The lighted mirror in the bathroom really lit up the space, and kudos for having the time digitally in the mirror itself.

a bathroom sink with a mirror

On the side of the bedroom was a generous closet space with a few drawers to store your clothes, assuming you’re staying for more than a night.

a closet with a small black box and a swinger

And just on the other side of the television was a place for you to lay out your suitcase.

a tv on a bench in a room

As a fun fact, I noticed the bedsheets looked a little different than the standard bedsheets, and I found out why. Who stole these?

a hand holding a white shirt


If you don’t have a terribly early flight and you want to partake in the breakfast, the options actually looked really good! We had a coupon for free breakfast, but since we were flying on Emirates First Class the next day, we opted to not have anything at the hotel and instead head straight for the airport lounge and the food onboard.

With that said, here’s the breakfast menu.

a menu on a wall

Blueberry Pancakes, Omeletes, Smoked Salmon plates… the options looked super healthy and tasty as well!

And Dinner

If you wanted to snag something to eat once you arrived, I was pleased to see the prices for the dinner menu options weren’t out of control. Sometimes you can feel the hotel trying to overcharge you because they know they have a captive audience, but honestly these options looked reasonable, and had a large variety to choose from.

a menu on a marble surface a menu on a marble surface

Staying Fit and Healthy

If going to the gym and pool is part of your travel routine, I envy you! I’ve never been one to decide proactively to get up early ON VACATION and workout.

Luckily, the Hyatt has a full gym including a dozen or so machines

a group of exercise machines in a room

Full weight rack

a room with exercise equipment

And plenty of cardio equipment. Even a water and towel station.

a machine and a dispenser in a room a room with exercise equipment and a bike

The pool was open buy empty when we were there so you had the entire place to yourself if you wanted it. The hot tub also was available for use to relax those sore muscles from your workout or day of exploring Washington DC.

a pool with chairs in a room a pool with red chairs and a sign

Bottom Line

This hotel checks off all the boxes. It’s close to the airport with great elite amenities, a comfortable large room to stretch out, and the ability to get a peaceful nights sleep.

With cheap parking (only a few bucks) for non-elites and waived parking on points stays, including a big healthy breakfast, there aren’t many better options this close to the airport.

Do you have a favorite category 1 Hyatt Hotel, in the US or abroad?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Are you saying this hotel as a globalist let you park during your trip and shuttle to the airport the next morning, return to your car after your trip (how long, any time limits?), and you only had to use a category 1 amount of points?

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    • I suppose you could stay a while? No one asked us for a license plate or anything to claim the car as ours in the lot.

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  2. It’s a really nice hotel for a category 1. My wife and I stayed there on a brief overnight in October. The hotel was doing a pumpkin carving contest in their beer garden. We didn’t participate but enjoyed ourselves anyway with good drinks and nibbly food. For dinner, he food was solid for hotel food. Service was quite good and the shuttle to IAD that starts at oh-my-god o’clock is handy as well. We missed breakfast due to our very early departure but we’d cheerfully return.

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  3. We live only 15 minutes away from HR Dulles and have used it several times for cheap points staycations. Now that Jon has let the cat out of the bag 🙂 I’ll vouch for this property as being the best Category 1 for Globalists (at least in the northern Virginia area). The free parking benefit saves you $10 per night, note that they normally give you a hang tag to put inside your car overnight. As the menu pics above show, the (Globalist) breakfast benefit there is much better than what you normally get at a comparable Category 1 Hyatt Place or Hyatt House.

    And starting in 2023, this Hyatt Regency will offer true premium suites (not the so-called standard suites they have now and will call a Petite Suite) with Horizon and Presidential Suites. Looks like the Horizon Suite is bookable with points, but not the Presidential Suite. Look forward to trying them.

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