The Internet is Trolling United on Twitter … Hard

It’s no secret United Airlines is getting a lot of negative press lately, and it really is all their fault. Two weeks ago they poorly handled a situation with two buddy pass travelers and their clothing. Today, it’s the doctor that was viciously beaten onboard and dragged off the plane after United decided he couldn’t fly in lieu of employees needing to travel. Rightfully so, the internet is trolling United on Twitter so hard right now… it’s epic.

Here’s the problem. Not too long ago, United wanted to use the hashtag #UnitedJourney to talk about the amazing journeys people experience on board blah blah blah I’m already over it. Another round of marketing BS to talk about how awesome you are as a company. The problem? United is a corporation with no heart, soul, or compassion, and the internet is using that hashtag today to new heights.


Time to step up your game United… or better yet passengers of the USA, time to choose another airline.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Viciously beaten? Ok I know what happened wasn’t right but .. viciously beaten simply isn’t true.

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    • I’d say it’s pretty damn true. Having someone tear you out of your seat, slam your head against the seat in front of you AND the headrest and wrestle you to the ground? Busting your lip and possibly giving you a concussion. Yea, that’s viciously beaten.

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  2. thank you for compiling all these!!

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    • Our pleasure. Literally!

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