Hyatt Herald Square NYC Hotel, a Hotel Review

Hyatt offers a wide range of options for hotels in the NYC area, with options ranging from the over the top Park Hyatt to the family friendly Hyatt House with full kitchens.

The Hyatt Herald Square offers a centralized location with an epic rooftop bar (and free views of the Empire State Building). While the rooms are a little bit on the small side, they offer the perfect mix of amenities in a great part of town.

The Hotel 

The hotel, like so many hotels in New York City, is tall and skinny. It is, at most, three or four rooms wide. I think per floor you’ve got a maximum of 10 rooms. It’s New York City, after all!

a building with glass doors

Upon entering the reception is on your left and the elevators straight ahead.

PRO TIP: The elevators don’t have key-card access, so you can go straight to the rooftop and get amazing views of the Empire State Building any time of the year.

a lobby with a tree and chairs


Just behind the bank of elevators is the lobby bar, offering limited options, but enough to get you drunk if you need it.

a bar with bottles of alcohol

The lobby is decorated in sublet beige tones, with world clocks adorning the walls. Because, I don’t know about you, but I always need to know what time it is in Rio and Buenos Aires

a clock on a wall

If you’re in need of a quick bite there’s a well stocked refreshment center with 50 shades of carbohydrates.

shelves with shelves full of snacks and snacks

a refrigerator full of drinks

There’s also a small seating area with plenty of books. Don’t you dare put them our of order, the OCD people designed this perfectly!

a book shelf with many books

The Rooms

The hallways aren’t very much to look at, as you can see, there’s the door and to the right, that’s it! A couple more doors, and you’ve got the entirety of the hallways.

a door with a light fixture a hallway with doors and a red sign

This is probably going to be one of the quickest hotel reviews we’ve ever posted, because it’s one of the smallest hotel rooms we’ve stayed in.

The bathroom is just off to the left when you enter the room.

a bathroom with a sink and toilet a shower with a glass door

It’s actually not bad as far as bathroom goes. The shower is spacious and the water pressure was fantastic. 

This room came with two beds, so I used the second one as a storage catch-all since it was just me in the room.

two beds with white sheets and lamps a bed with white sheets and a lamp

In the space between the beds lied… you guessed it… the refrigerator!

a black metal box above a table

There was a small water kettle/coffee machine as well

a coffee machine and two white mugs in a drawer

One part of the room that lacks severely is charging. I looked, and looked, and looked, and I saw… one charger. Yup, one charger for my USB products. There was a regular charger under the bed if I wanted to unplug a lamp, but otherwise, this was it.

It’s one benefit was a bluetooth connection. You could stream your device, music, etc, to the television and speakers. Kudos for this.

a black square outlet with usb ports on a pink surface

The Location

Being so close to the Empire State Building has its perks. If you’re looking for a pretty cool rooftop bar, this place has it. In the winter when I was there, of course, no open bar. However, in the summer, this is where you want to be!

a tall building with a pointy top a rooftop view of a city with a tall building and a tall tower

You’ve got views all the way to One WTC to the south and a killer view of the Empire State Building up close.

Overall Impressions

Honestly, if the pricing is right, the hotel is perfectly fine for a centrally located stay close to Times Square but off the main strip. It was quiet *(crucial for NYC)* and clean.

In the summer, the rooftop bar is a great place to cool down after a long day and even in the winter, there is no keycard access required for the rooftop so anyone can head to the roof for a view of the city.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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