How to Save 52,000 Avios and Fly British Airways’ New Business Class Suite

Earlier today we shared news of British Airways new business class suite. The new Club World Suite marks a significant improvement over their existing Club World seat.

British Airways Club World Suite (courtesy of British Airways)

British Airways will debut the new seat on their A350 between London and Toronto starting October 1st. As fun as it is to look at pictures and dream, it’s even more fun to try it in person.

Booking with Points or Cash

If you’re trying to book with just points, you’re looking at 50,000 Avios each way plus $400 in taxes and fees. For a round trip flight, you’d be staring at 100,000 Avios and over $800 in fees. Unless you’re swimming in Avios the way Scrooge McDuck swims in money, this is far from the best use of points.

Booking with Avios carries a steeeeeeep surcharge

Alternatively, you could book with cash for $1,824 from London or $1,614 from Inverness.

What if I told you I could save you I could save you 52,000 Avios? Would that be something you might be interested in?

How to Save Money and Avios

Currently there are some great premium economy fares from Inverness to Toronto. You can fly round trip from Inverness to Toronto for £578 ($764) in premium economy. Sounds great, but how does that help you?

British Airways premium economy fare

This is where the magic of Avios comes in.

For just 24,000 Avios and about $50 each way (48,000 round trip), you can upgrade these fares to business class. That’s right, for less than half the Avios and the same amount of cash, you can fly in British Airways new business class. Sounds pretty suite, doesn’t it?

How to Book

Before booking these flights between London and Toronto, you’ll want to make sure:

  • You’re booking for October 1st or later
  • BA93 from London to Toronto
  • BA92 from Toronto to London

First, you’ll need to find flights with business class award availability. The best way to check for this is using British Airways website. You can also use RewardFlightFinder to eliminate dates with no availability. However, you’ll want to verify that the availability is for the correct flight. As of posting this, availability for November and December is wide open in both directions.

British Airways business class upgrade availability

Once you’ve found your desired dates with availability, head on over to Google Flights and book those flight in premium economy. Check one more time to verify that you’re booking on the A350 with flight numbers BA93 and BA92.

Once you’ve booked and confirmed your premium economy tickets, call up British Airways reservations at 1-800-247-9297 to upgrade your flights. The agent will quote you a price in miles and cash. The cash portion should be pretty minimal. However, if you’re quoted anything more than $100, ask the agent to do a manual calculation of the surcharges. For some reason, BA’s website often attempts to charge for fuel surcharges twice. Gilbert over at God Save the Points has an awesome guide on this.

And that’s it. For just 48,000 Avios and £578, you’ve booked round trip business class in British Airways new Club World Suite. I think that calls for some champagne to celebrate 😉

Do you plan on taking advantage of this deal?

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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