Honolulu Delta SkyClub Review

Located just outside of the Delta gates in the Honolulu airport, the SkyClub in Honolulu airport offers a full spread of local foods and prepackaged foods to grab and go. What I love most about this Honolulu SkyClub is the friendliness of all the staff, along with the wide-open spaces with plenty of space to stretch out.

We landed at noon from the mainland and had a couple of hours to kill before our connecting inter-island flight on Hawaiian Airlines. The lounge is easy to spot with easy signage pointing out the entrances.

The decoration is very island-chic. It has warm wood tones throughout and plenty of comfortable seating. If you wanted to seat at a table there was a small dining section, and also a more comfortable area to stretch out and relax.

We were pretty hungry so went straight away to the food section and was pleasantly surprised by the wide selection.

Meatball sandwiches, spam rolls, rice musubi for the ahi poke, and Hawaiian pulled pork sandwiches

They also had a spicy curry and rice dish which I tried, The spice wasn’t too hot but the flavor was 100% amazing.

Honolulu Delta Sky Club

If you wanted some Yakisoba, they had the noodles prepped and you just had to add the broth. Two types of broth were on offer, a simple veggie broth and also a Coconut Thai Curry broth.

In the self service fridge you could get anything from fruit to poke. There was also a taco salad, caprese sandwich, turkey club sandwich, hawaian cole slaw, spinach and strawberry salad, bread pudding, pound cake with berries, and even edamame hummus.

Seriously, if you left hungry from this SkyClub it’s your own damn fault!

On the snacky bits side they had a great Furikake popcorn and a wide variety of prepacked carbs.

My suggestion, the Rice Krispies treats or the gluten free brownies 🙂

The wifi was fast and the air conditioning was cold. Two important factors for any tropical destination!

Entrance is just the same as any other SkyClub in the system with the exception of those flying in Delta One. If you’re flying in Delta One back to the mainland, you’ll have access to this skyclub as they treat it differently than a standard first class flight.

Have you been to the Honolulu Skyclub?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I visited them three years ago flying HNL-SLC and found it to be great. I don’t love the lack of view, but the service was incredible! They insisted I take a lot of bubbly and sweets haha

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