Hilton Introduces Tapestry, its 14th and most useless brand

Hilton Hotels introduced it’s 14th brand today with almost no fanfare whatsoever. That’s probably because their new brand, Tapestry, is in my mind one of the most ill conceived and poorly marketed hotel brands that I’ve seen launched in quite some time.

Currently, the Tapestry Collection has just one hotel in their “collection,” the Hotel Skylar in Syracuse. I will give them credit for one thing. This hotel looks pretty cool.

Hotel Skylar Hilton Tapestry Collection

Hotel Skylar Hilton Tapestry Collection from Hilton.com

The Hilton Tapestry tagline is… well… super targeted to Millenialls:

Weave your own story

Tapestry Collection is a gathering of unique hotels that have been chosen because of a commitment to weaving their own story, meant for the traveler who never wants exactly the same experience twice.

What the hell is that? What does weaving your own story mean, exactly? And how are the hotels chosen because of a commitment to weaving their own story?

Hilton has a bunch of really confusing brands, the other two noteable additions to the “Huh?” collection of Hilton Hotels are:

Tru by Hilton

Tru by Hilton

Tru by Hilton

Tru says about themselves:

The Tru Difference: Simplified, spirited and grounded in value

An innovative lobby and spirited sense of place. Stylish rooms and creative work spaces. Effortlessly simple and freedom to be who you are.

Hilton is reinventing the hotel midscale market. Discover all Tru has to offer today!

“Spirited Sense of Place.” I know that usually when I get to a hotel, the only place I wanna be is in my bed. I’m sure that the majority of people are the same way, no?

Canopy Hotels

Canopy Hotels by Hilton

Canopy Hotels by Hilton

So what’s so special about Canopy hotels? Well… apparently…

We make it easy, with open, inviting spaces and friendly enthusiasts who are always eager to help. Looking for that hip hotel vibe? At our café & bar, anytime is a good time for relaxing over great food and drink.

Apparently Canopy is full of energetic locals willing to help you with that hip, cool, hotel vibe.

Say Hello to Canopy, Hilton’s new neighborhood brand & all it has to offer. Work, Play, Eat, Relax!

So, good job Hilton in trying to reach out to Millennials and get some new, cool hotels into their portfolios. I can appreciate that they want to attract some of that young traveler money, but do we really need ANOTHER brand? Perhaps they could have combined the Hip Cool vibe of Canopy with the Spirited Stylish sense of Tru with the Unique Weaving of Tapestry and just called it… 



Are you thinking of heading to Syracuse to check out the new Tapestry hotel?

What do you think? Is Hilton just trying a little too hard?


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Hilton Definitely trying too hard. It sounds like an imitation of Marriott’s rapidly expanding Moxy. I have stayed in both the Milan Airport Moxy and the Moxy Tempe and loved the quirkiness. Sure they’re meant to entice Millennials with “affordable luxury” but they’re really an exceptional bargain and a lot of fun.I do wonder if Hilton is able to capture the Moxy vibe which is seriously relaxed and laid back.

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    • Very funny….and true. They are trying to catch up to Marriott ‘s 30 brands…which to me will be problematic for Marriott to integrate and not something aspirational for Hilton.

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