Hilton Garden Inn Tangier, Hotel Review

As one of the only Hilton properties in Morocco, the Hilton Garden Inn Tangier is a great opportunity to earn your loyalty points while enjoying one of the most vibrant and diverse cities in Northern Africa.

The hotel is perfectly located on the waterfront, an easy 20 minute walk to wherever you need to go in the city.

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

Parking is free, and as we pulled up to the hotel, we were directed to the 2nd level of the underground parking. After a quick ride back up to the lobby, and an uneventful check in, we went up to our room. As Hilton Gold members, we were given an upgrade from the regular room to an Ocean view room.

We headed up to the 14th floor and entered the very tiny room. Good thing we were only here for one night, because if we were here longer I might just have developed claustrophobia.

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

The two beds were off to the side of the room with a small chair.

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

The bathroom made New York City bathrooms look spacious

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

There was also a small desk with lamp, drawers, and TV.

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

And, that’s it.

It was rather annoying trying to use the WiFi. They only allow 3 connected devices, so because we had two laptops and two phones, one of us had to always kick the other off. You never knew who would kick off who, so it was like a game of “which device isn’t working anymore.”

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

Luckily, mint tea was always available in the lobby!

Hilton Tangier Breakfast Mint Tea

Mint Tea Always!

Breakfast was, once again, Western standard options including meats and cheeses…

Hilton Tangier Breakfast


Hilton Tangier Breakfast

Hilton Tangier Breakfast


Hilton Tangier Breakfast

Boiled eggs

Hilton Tangier Breakfast

And an omelette station.

Hilton Tangier Breakfast

Unlike our stay in Marrakesh, there was not anyone making fresh bread at this hotel, a big let down.

The hotel is a perfectly fine option, especially considering the cost. We paid US$72 a night for the hotel, and it couldn’t have been a better value. While there were other options, there is something to be said for earning your loyalty points while on vacation. We certainly could have used points from our credit card, but the price was so low it made sense to use cash.

While not as luxurious as the Le Meridien Marrakech, it was a great hotel option. We didn’t get to spend enough time in Tangier, but the time that we did spend there was fantastic. In all of our travels, there aren’t many places that we travel back to. There always seems to be a new adventure on the horizon, but Tangier was a city that we would absolutely come back to if we find ourselves in the area! 

Hilton Garden Inn Tangier

Gorgeous Waterfront

Have you wanted to visit Morocco, or perhaps stayed at this hotel? Let us know in the comments below!

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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