Hello World! We’re back!

In the past two weeks, we’ve received dozens of emails, texts, tweets, and comments, all wondering if we were ok and why we weren’t posting. No Mas Coach was posting No Mas! Someone actually mailed “I hope you get this, because if not, I’m going to assume you’re dead and send the police!” 

Over the past weeks, Ben and I have been traveling the world and taking a lot of personal time off from the blog to spend with our family, and we’ve heard you.

We’ve explored 700 year old convents, enjoyed a solar eclipse, had lunch under 1100 year old olive trees, walked around megalithic rock formations, and spent some seriously quality time with family in their last moments. It’s been quite the ride these last four weeks, to say the least.

2017 Solar Eclipse

Worry not, we’re back in the swing of things again and should ramp back up now in the next few weeks.

Thanks for worrying about us, we love you all!

Lisbon City View

Onward and Upward 🙂

Jon and Ben

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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