The Havana Chocolate Museum, a rich experience

Tucked away in a small and unassuming corner of an Old Havana street is a place known as the “Havana Chocolate Museum” or the “Museo del Chocolate.”

For all intents and purposes, this really ISN’T a museum, rather a chocolate store with a small mini-factory in the back and a few display cases of some hot chocolate memorabilia, if you could call it that.

Depending on the time of day, you might find that there’s a line outside. Never fear, the lines move quickly and you should be inside in short order.

Once you enter the smell of the chocolate being made is overpowering and attacks your nostrils (in a good way!). You can tell that this isn’t chocolate that’s been shipped in from all over, in fact there’s usually a crew of two or three people in the back manning machines that are at least 60 years old, pumping out chocolate treats at a blinding pace.

Havana Chocolate Factory

In the center of the restaurant there is a tall four-sided glass case with, among other things, a sampling of ingredients that they use to make their chocolate.

Also there’s a selection of old pewter molds used to make the chocolate shapes.

Off to the side they’ve got a store where you can buy whatever concoctions they’ve made for the day. Since they make whatever they can and sell whatever they have left over, the menu shows many options, but when we arrived thery only had horses, bears, and chocolate cigars.

Havana Chocolate Factory Menu

We left with a couple chocolate cigars and a chocolate teddy bear.

WARNING: These chocolates are tasty AND they melt fast since they’re made on site with no preservatives of any kind, so don’t expect to bring home massive quantities.

Havana Chocolate Factory

In the sit-down restaurant side of the store you can order hot or cold chocolate along with your chocolate goodies. Now, please understand, this hot chocolate is not some powdered mix Swiss Miss BS that we have in the states. No, no, no… this is straight-up melted chocolate mixed with a little milk and some honey. It’s thick, slightly bitter, and GOOD. The cold chocolate is also very thick, mixed with milk and a thick straw that makes it way too easy to finish quickly and order a second!

Hot and Cold Chocolate, Havana Chocolate Factory

Chances are you’re going to be walking around Old Havana checking out the sights, so when you do, make sure to stop off for a midday rest and have some amazing local chocolate. It’s like nothing you’ve ever tasted before! 

Where’s the best chocolate that you’ve ever had?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. OMG you have me salivating! Leave it to the Nickel-D’Andreas to find the best hideaway culinary experiences.

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