Guess who’s moving NOW at LAX?

LAX is a great airport, but it really is a fustercluck to get around and move between terminals.  There are underground passages, a separate international terminal, shuttle buses to get from one end to the other.  It’s not one of my favorite airports to connect if I have to change airlines, that’s for sure.

Well apparently Delta feels the same way, as they’re looking to make a change too.  I was reading BusinessTraveller this morning where they posted a story regarding Delta’s desire to switch terminals from Terminals 5/6 to Terminals 2/3.

Delta LAX photo from

Delta LAX photo from

According to the article:

Delta has unveiled plans to “modernise, upgrade and connect Terminals 2 and 3” at Los Angeles International airport over the next seven years.


The $1.9 billion project will see the US carrier relocate from its current home at Terminals 5 and 6, to a remodelled complex at Terminals 2 and 3.


Delta said that the plans would allow it to “build a premier space for its LAX operations alongside its airline partners” including Aeromexico and Virgin Atlantic, as well as expanding the number of gates “commensurate with the airline’s growth” at the airport.

I’m a big fan of this change, as anyone who has travelled with Delta through those terminals knows just how old and run down they look.  They’re crowded, noisy, and run down.  The SkyClub was recently renovated there, so I’m curious to see who takes over that space (I’d love to see Alaska make a proper Board Room space there!!)  Apparently they’re also going to put a connector to the TBIT (Tom Bradley International Terminal), dedicated Delta One Checkin, multiple skyclubs, and more.

For one, I’m excited!  I don’t fly Delta often, and if I do it’s usually on a premium fare (to credit to Alaska).  I’ve always cringed when I had to go through LAX because it was always crowded and complicated, especially connecting to another airline (I’m looking at you Virgin Australia).  So I’m hoping that this will not only be a positive change to Delta and their partners, but also to LAX as a whole.  I wonder if they’re going to invite Alaska Airlines over there as well?

What are your thoughts?  Are you happy to see this change coming to LAX?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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