Great Black Friday Gift Card Deals! Kroger to the Rescue!

Black Friday is, as everyone knows, THE best day/weekend to buy anything that you could possible want. Literally, almost anything goes on sale. For example, the Tractor Supply Company has gun safes at $300 off and RiteAid Pharmacy has Christmas wrapping paper at buy 1 GET TWO FREE! OMG OMG OMG! Now I can wrap my guns AND my safe for a fraction of the cost!

Kroger, however, has also been a bastion of deals and discounts for the savvy for quite some time, and I’m not just talking about 50 cents off of dill relish here.

Kroger, and it’s “family” of companies, comprises of dozens of brands all over the USA. Chances are that no matter where you are, there’s a Kroger brand there to serve you.

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger Family of Brands

Kroger also has iPhone and Android apps to download for their specific brands. All the brands that I use have their own app, but you can also download the generic Kroger app. When you do, you can link your customer loyalty card and link it to the app. This way all the coupons that you download are right there on the card. When you checkout, they’re automatically applied!



Currently, QFC is offering 4x Fuel Points with gift card purchases. Fuel points, for the uninitiated, are ways to earn $$ off of your fuel fill ups. 100 points = 10 cents in discount, and you can do a maximum of 1000 points of $1.00 off per gallon. 


We have a pretty small car, so our fill-ups are around 9 gallons if we wait until the light comes on. That means $9 per fillup of savings! Not a bad deal if we fill the tank once a week.

We just bought $300 in gift cards at our local store. A $100 Visa card (with $10 off), a $100 Amex card (with $10 off), and $100 in gift cards ($10 off). So not only did we get some big savings on the gift cards themselves, we got 1200 fuel points. That’ll mean $1.00 off of a fill up ($9) and another 20 cents ($1.80). So in this trip alone, we saved:

Visa $105.95-10 = $95.95 (savings $4.05)

Amex $105.95-10 = $95.95 (savings $4.05) $100-10 = $90 (savings $10)

1200 fuel points (savings $10.80)

Total:  $28.90

We also used a credit card that earns 3x miles at grocery stores, so we earned an additional 900 airlines miles as well!

As we mentioned in our post about earning miles this year, you can learn how we earned almost 2 million miles this year, and understand that every…mile…counts!

So, pay attention to your black friday deals, and get out to your local Kroger right away and get you some savings! Download the app and see which gift cards work for you 🙂

Let us know below if you’ve got any savings or have any other tips or tricks about gift cards

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Zero success using the Nike coupon for $10 off. Tried with and without groceries. Nothing worked. Customer service did oblige but I haven’t heard of anyone having success with it. 🙁

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    • Strange. I applied mine and it went through right away. I wonder why?!

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