Hyatt Regency DFW Dallas Airport, Hotel Review

There are two hotels right at the DFW airport that make transiting a breeze. One is directly connected to the Airport (the Grand Hyatt) and the other which is just a quick 5 minute drive or 10 minute walk away is the Hyatt Regency.

Directly adjacent to Terminal C, getting to and from your flight is a breeze

Airport Arrival

The day was a blistering 108 degrees in Dallas, but once the sun went down it got a little bit cooler. As we landed at 11pm it was a cold 97 degrees. You’ve. Got. To. Be. Kidding. Me.

There is a walkway to the hotel if you feel like crossing a parking deck, but as I’m not inclined to doing anything in 97 degree weather with that many clothes on, so we opted for the shuttle. The waiting area was outside so we decided to wait in the lobby area. At least there was AC there.

a sign on a building a sign under a bridge

a man standing next to a bus

 a bus parked in a parking lot

A couple short minutes later the van pulled up to get us to the hotel in air-con comfort.

Pro Tip: Sit near the front of the van OR board last. This way you’ll get off the van first and beat everyone else to the check in counter. If you board last, your luggage will be the last in, and first out.

Because we were the first ones to sit near the front, we avoided the other 12 passengers and all their check in woes. Inevitably someone will have a ton of problems and you’ll be even more delayed. Always. Check in. First.

a bench in front of a brick wall

Hotel Arrival

The hotel was pretty dated, but my philosophy on airport hotels in the USA is pretty simple. Chances are you’re showing up late from your flight, and you’re leaving the next morning. The creature comforts of home are not the top priority. What is, however, is a clean bed, a clean bathroom, air-con or heat that blows hard, and QUIET.

Luckily, this hotel checks all those boxes.

a sign on a wall a hallway with colorful carpet

The room was pretty basic. Standard bathroom. Enough room for two toilets…

a shower with a toilet and a shelf a toilet and towels on a rack a bathroom with a marble countertop and a mirror

A king size bed with regular size pillows… not sure why they were placed sideways on the bed… is that a thing?

a bed with pillows on it

There is a large chair in the corner with wall length mirror.

a chair and a mirror in a room

A small mini fridge and coffee machine flank the office desk and chair.

a desk with a lamp and a phone on it

Otherwise, the room was pretty basic. Not an impressive TV, or nightstand… but then again, you’re not coming to an airport hotel that’s connected to the airport for the TV or the nightstand, are you?

a tv on a dresser a telephone on a table

The view doesn’t look too impressive at night, but it does overlook the parking deck/runways.

a parking lot with lights at night

Pet Peeve

Seriously, Hyatt. What are you doing? We need to have a talk. While I’ve never been a fan of alarm clocks to begin with… but seriously? You bring an iPod Nano/iPhone 4 charger to the game? What are you doing. It’s time to update that shiiiii.

a black electronic device with buttons and dials a black device with a black cover

When you leave in the morning…

After a blissful and surprisingly quiet night, we went back to the lobby to catch the shuttle. It is very important to know what terminal you leave out of (A, B, C, D, or E). There are two shuttles and if you get on the wrong one, you’re only going to waste time. One shuttle is the ABC and the other is the DE shuttle.

a white and purple bus with a sign on the door

While the cash rates can get a bit pricey, once again this hotel shines for a points redemption. The Hyatt Regency DFW clocks in at only 8,000 points a night, you can’t get much better! With Ultimate Rewards transferring into World of Hyatt, it’s easy to get yourself a stopover night for free!

a screenshot of a web page

Have you stayed here before? Or do you prefer the Grand Hyatt? Let us know!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. @ Jon — I’m sure the ipod thing seemed genius at the time…

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  2. Why the Grand Hyatt title, when you stayed at the Hyatt Regency.

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    • I fired the editor already 🙂

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  3. I think you want your post title to read “DFW Hyatt Regency”, not Grand Hyatt. BTW, the Hyatt Regency is much better and much friendlier than the Grand. The employees at the Regency are much more sincere and gracious than those at the Grand – and if you want in-room coffee at the Grand, you’re out of luck. They don’t provide it because they say it’s too often spilled on the carpet in the room!

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  4. This is Regency and not Grand Hyatt so need to change the title.
    @tim not sure when was the last time you stay at the Grand DFW, but I recently stay there mid September 2020. As a discoverist, they upgraded me to a suite with terminal D runway view. The service is impeccable and there is in room coffee. The lobby however isn’t the friendliest of all the hotel I’d been to. Fantastic lobster roll at the lobby restaurant thou, onc that I’ve been craving for.

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    • My editor is fired!

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  5. It’s awesome that I can use my Iphone 3S with the alarm clock. If only they had a VHS to go with it.

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  6. Was at that Hyatt three months ago. I think their quality is not on par. The room is dirty, the food is meh, the furniture all screaming the needs to get updated. But the service is good.

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