Giant Butt Blimp goes Down

The largest flying object ever designed went down on its second test flight.

The Airlander 10, which is over 300 feet long, almost 45,000 lbs and is filled with 1,340,000 ft3 of helium, sustained a rough landing during its second 100 minute test on Wednesday in Bedfordshire. No one in the crew or ground was injured and the plane blimp vehicle giant butt-shaped aircraft sustained minor damage on its rear… No, I’m kidding, it actually damaged its front flight deck area, but I had to work my posterior joke somehow.

Airlander 10, from

Airlander 10, from

I’m kinda really into all of the latest batch of innovative ideas into how to create new, better, different aircraft, no matter how ridiculous or unattainable it might look. I’m sure when the first planes were being designed many people must have laughed their asses off at the outlandish idea that a giant heavy object would ever take flight. Innovation is always invariably good in the end.

This aircraft was originally designed to be used as a surveillance vehicle by the US military in Afghanistan, because a giant 302ft x 143 ft x 85 ft white butt-shaped thing flying at 90 mph under 16,000 ft of altitude definitely goes unnoticed…

Airlander flying under the radar... from

Airlander flying under the radar… from

Having said that, if anyone from Hybrid Air Vehicles can get past my butt jokes and would invite me over to the UK, I would be delighted to do a trip review aboard one of their aircraft! I’m really hoping their cabin has a first class section with extra legroom and meal services…

Author: Ben Nickel-D'Andrea

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