Getting Tested for Covid 19 on Vacation in Hawaii

In order to head to Hawaii on vacation, you must present a negative Covid-19 test. If you don’t present a test, you’re subject to quarantine when you land. But, if you start to feel symptoms or just want to have a little bit of extra reassurance, there are plenty of places to get free testing while you’re on the islands.

We were tested for free in Maui while we were there, and the process was quick, painless, and came with some extra perks afterwards.

Here’s some options for you to be tested while on vacation in paradise.


The Island of Maui has perhaps the easiest and most comprehensive free testing program of any of the islands. Provided by Minit Medical, you can get a free drive up test at any one of a number of locations around the island.

Testing is available Monday-Saturday with no testing on Sundays. Registration is required, but also free.


We drove up to the testing site and within 10 minutes we were tested and on our way.

Just about 45 minutes later we got an email with the results. Peace of mind, and on with our vacation!

When we got the test we were handed a package of information, including a Kama’aini first discount card. This allowed us discounts of 10-35% all over the islands at restaurants, shops, and more. 

We used the card at a local restaurant to get 20% off some amazing soup.


Oahu does have some free testing locations, but many are restricted for residents only. 

Many sites offer rapid testing at a cost of $125. The City and County of Honolulu offer an updated test location list here.

If you are uninsured or underinsured, Waikiki Health offers a list of locations and instructions here.

Hawaii – Big Island

The Big Island has a website and map that they update regularly, along with a calendar and time of day chart, that shows exactly where you can go to and call to set up your Covid test requirement.

You can find that information listed here.

Inter-Island Testing

If you want to head from Oahu to another island, you’ll need an approved test. Some tests are considered “approved” and others not to avoid quarantine. The state of Hawaii Health department maintains an updated list of all approved and trusted testing partners on the island.

You can find that updated list of partners here.

Mostly for Peace of Mind

Considering the low transmission count on the island and the requirement for negative testing before departure, the Hawaiian Islands are one of the safer places to be right now. While nothing is foolproof, the islands have a much lower transmission rate than most other parts of the island.

Remember that masks are required at ALL times on the island except for certain activities lime swimming or active eating and drinking.

These tests that you can get on the island are great for peace of mind. Some of them will be considered for inter island travel, and some will not, so make sure that you know the type of test you’ll need to hop around between islands.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Where is the soup from? We’ll be there in a few weeks, looks great. Thanks!

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    • The Empanada Lady Maui. Mofongo. Soooo good.

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  2. Seems like a lot of stress if you already got tested negative and then were to test positive there wouldn’t they automatically require you to quarantine? With possibility of false negatives, I’d be leary about getting tested again. If you test positive do you know if they will require you to quarantine even though you already have a negative test?

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    • Anytime you test positive you should quarantine, no matter if you’re in Hawaii or in New York. Positive tests are always reported to the local health authority. We tested because we wanted to make sure, ya know, like responsible people!

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  3. I was in Maui for the holidays. My pre-flight Negative test results were with CVS. I followed the information and loaded my information regarding the passengers in my trip to the visitor travel app, but did not have the final negative test loaded (received results mid-flight). Upon arrival the Covid verification process was smooth and to my surprise my results were posted to there system and I was in my way to enjoy my vacation without having to show/print the results. I too tested while in Maui at the location in Kihea and received the same service and discount card mentioned by Jon. I took advantage of booking my test ahead of my trip so that I could ensure I was still negative prior to my flight home. Great article Jon…happy re-entry to travel all☺️

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    • Thanks Artrice! I’m glad to see someone else was able to take advantage of it as well. Aloha!

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