How to get FREE VIP Airport Lounge Access

Have you ever walked by those airport lounges with the fancy glass doors and peered inside, wondering how to get in? You can see deep inside and see people sitting and relaxing, sipping on a free alcoholic beverage, munching on some free food. You day you walk inside and ask “Excuse me, how do I get in?” “Do you have a membership?” Ouch.

Wanna know how you could get Free airport Lounge access? It’s easier than you may think.

If you keep reading, we’ll give one lucky winner free lounge access to an Alaska Airlines lounge!

Alaska Lounge Sign

Alaska Lounge Sign

First Class Travel

One easy way to get into the VIP lounges is to be flying on a paid first class or business class ticket. This can be paid with either miles or cash, but it’s got to be paid. Free tickets (or non-rev tickets) won’t be eligible. Depending on the airline and the destination, lots of times you can get into some pretty cool lounges.

Plaza Premium Lounge Hyderabad Airport

Priority Pass Membership

Priority Pass is an independent company that gives its members free access to almost 1,000 lounges all over the world. In our home base of Seattle we have access to both Alaska Airlines lounges and the Club at SEA.

In Nepal we got into the Radisson Executive Lounge.

In Los Angeles, the Star Alliance Lounge

In Hyderabad, the Plaza Premium Lounge

And in Seattle, the Alaska Airlines Lounge.

Pretty much anywhere you want to go in the world, a Priority Pass membership is going to get you there.

Etihad First Class Lounge Abu Dhabi Bar

View from the Bar

How to get a Priority Pass Membership

So, this all sounds nice and good, but if you go to the Priority Pass website, you’ll see that memberships start at $99. We said it was going to be free, right?

There are plenty of credit cards that give you totally free Priority Pass membership, our three favorites are The Amex Platinum Card, Citi Prestige and Citi AAdvantage Executive. It really is as simple as signing up for these cards and getting the membership. When you get your membership, all you’ll need to do is call the card issuer and tell them that you’d like to have your PP membership sent to you. In about 7-10 days it will arrive. It’s as easy as that!

Free Alaska Lounge Access

We know that it’s going to take a while for you to get your new credit card application and your priority pass membership, so we’d like to give one of our readers free access to the lounge.

Leave us a comment below and tell us where the miles or points from the new signup bonus on your credit card will take you! We’ll be giving away the free passes at the end of the week. We want to make sure to give everyone a chance to enter!

Good Luck!

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. I plan to go somewhere relaxing with reasonable hotel rates. I need a vacation and am on a budget

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    • Hey Sara – if you need some help with a booking, we’re happy to help! Just use the contact us form and shoot us an email.

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  2. Ummmm…. Non-Rev Premium Cabin Passengers Do Get Lounge Access. Please stop spreading fake information! I have flown Premium Cabin Mileage Tickets about 100 times and I have gotten lounge access every time. Get your facts right!

    Post a Reply
    • Ah, but SanJay, you’re not speaking about the same thing. You just said that you’ve flown on mileage tickets and you’ve gotten in… that’s the same thing that I said. I said “One easy way to get into the VIP lounges is to be flying on a paid first class or business class ticket. This can be paid with either miles or cash,” so there you have it! You won’t get any #FakeNews on this blog! Only the real deal.

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  3. My miles will take me to Auckland!

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  4. Would love to take a vacation in Australia! Even though KrisFlyer miles devalued, they are still a promiscuous transfer partner and I like that you can waitlist award flights.

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    • I agree 100%!

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  5. Speaking of fake news, I think you should clarify that only “international” business or first class tickets get you access to the lounge. A domestic first class ticket doesn’t do it. I like the subject matter of the post, but without more specific detail and maybe a breakdown of some of the credit cards that get you in to the lounge (and guesting privileges, costs, etc) it really isn’t that useful of a post. And even though you corrected SanJay regarding the misunderstanding, I believe your terminology of “free ticket” is a little vague and can very easily be confused with a ticket purchased with miles.

    Post a Reply
    • 1) Domestic First Class does get you into the lounge, so long as you purchased your ticket in the proper fare class, at least it does on Alaska. 2) It’s useful to lots, just maybe not you. 3) Sanjay was incorrect, and my description was very clear. I said non-rev ticket, which is someone traveling as a non rev, that’s a free ticket provided to an employee or guest. I clearly said “on miles or cash” so… there’s no discrepancy, but thanks! I appreciate your opinions 🙂

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      • You’re right that Alaska/VX F gives lounge access. But for UA/AA/DL, a domestic F ticket will not give lounge access.

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  6. Hawaii is where they’ll take me!

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  7. Europe to explore history.

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  8. i’m a caretaker for a property (and a horse!) in rural northern GA. i’m going to use points to fly to boston for a few days to see my dear little 5 year old niece! and then points to bring her back here with me so she can meet the horse!

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  9. We are using our miles to fly to Cancun!!!!

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  10. I already have PP access through a couple credit cards but would like to score a day pass for my mother who will be traveling cross country in Alaska (in coach) to assist my sister and her family after surgery. Cheers!

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  11. I would actually love to go to Alaska and see nature at it’s beauty and power. The mountains, the animals, the nature all would be a wonderful sight.

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  12. Going to Ecuador with my points!

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  13. My next rewards credits are paying to take us (me and 2 daughters) to mid america orieactas in Chicago over thanksgiving. It will help with all the Irish dance costs to know my miles and hotel rewards are paying for the aa flight and hilton hotel.

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  14. It’s hard to believe, but it’s been almost a full year since I’ve applied for new cards. I’ve been focusing on my rental property mortgages… and great, 30-year fixed rates are better than ANY credit card bonus. Now that everything is taken care of, I’ll be getting some new cards soon. Looking forward to taking a trip back to Italy or to Greece next year for an adults-only trip with my wife.

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  15. My wife decided that we would go back to Hawaii

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  16. I am flying Alaska in 30 days nyc to sfo

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  17. I want a pass to VIP lounge. I fly for business 8 days month. I need to relax at the airport. Please!!!
    Let me have one

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