Frankfurt Airport Evacuated, Operations Now Resuming

12 hours ago  (overnight for us here in the USA) the Frankfurt airport was evacuated.  It appears that all operations are back to normal, but some flights might still be experiencing delays.

Passengers evacuated from Frankfurt Airport

Passengers evacuated from Frankfurt Airport

From the BBC, it would appear that a woman and possibly two small children passed through a security station without passing the checks, according to airport officials.

Police evacuated the airport and moved people to the sidewalks outside of the airport.  They said that before anyone was to be let back in all passengers must be re-screened.  Flights were, obviously, severely delayed and it took them several hours to get back to normal operations.

Reports from the Twitter feed

Reports from the Twitter feed

A few hours later, after police and airport officials found out that it seemed to be a simple misunderstanding, the airport was reopened and operations slowly began to creep back to normal.  The website for the airport still suggests that passengers check their flights and arrive early just incase their flights may be experiencing residual delays.

Back to normal

Back to normal

When we travel, we’re always trying to keep ourselves up to date with what’s going on with the local airports.  Make sure to always check the airport’s website before you head out of your hotel and the safety and comfort of your WiFi network.

I’m just glad to see that everything seems to be a big misunderstanding, and hopefully not too many people were terribly inconvenienced by this delay.

Were any of you traveling through Frankfurt today?  Any first hand experiences to share?

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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