Former Child Star Haley Joel Osment Airport Meltdown!

Chalk this one up to a case of DYKWIA (DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM!?)

You know him from the movie The Sixth Sense, but you would have thought one of those senses was “common sense,” but apparently not.

Today Haley Joel Osment had a full-on meltdown at the Las Vegas airport, and it was pretty epic.

Haley Joel Osment, from the Today Show

Sunday night as he tried to board an American Airlines flight he was told that the flight was full, and he lashed out hard at the gate agents at Las Vegas’ Mccarran Airport. He missed that flight and was put on a standby flight for the next morning. When he arrived the next morning and was told that flight was full, he started getting violent.

According to a report from American Airlines and The Daily News, he yelled at gate agents but left before the police could arrive to calm him down. He then returned later saying “I will destroy you!”

“A passenger on the evening of Sunday, Feb. 4, missed their flight at Las Vegas. As a courtesy, they were placed on standby for another flight this morning from Las Vegas. Due to the passenger’s behavior toward our team members this morning, law enforcement was summoned to the gate. The passenger was upset we would not confirm him on a flight, after he missed his flight the previous evening.”

Don’t miss your flight, dude

I mean seriously… it’s Sunday night in Las Vegas, AND it’s Super Bowl Sunday. You don’t think that the flights are going to be leaving full? Get to the airport early, chill out in the lounge and relax. Take a load off… but don’t get angry at the gate agent… because they don’t give a flying well, you know what.

The Moral of the Story Is…

It’s called standby for a reason, cause ya know, you missed a flight, and well, they put you on the next one on STANDBY. If you wanted to get out, then you should have 1) Got there on time or 2) Used some celebrity money to get a paid ticket. You’ve got a spokesperson which to me means that you can afford a new ticket.

Sorry dude, better luck next time.

Apparently when he said DYKWIA, no one did 🙁

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Billy Bob Thorton should beat the crap out of him like in the Entourage movie

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  2. His performance in “A.I. Artificial Intelligence” was incredible and very moving – wishing him the best of luck!

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