Flying in Delta Premium Economy earns you HOW MANY miles on Alaska Airlines?

It’s no secret to anyone in Seattle or the US in general that there’s been a sort of war between Alaska Airlines and Delta, especially here in the Pacific Northwest.

When Delta decided to implement revenue based pricing, Alaska made changes to their earning chart, so that lower priced tickets would earn less miles.

Alaska Planes

But a few months back Delta decided to partition out their Premium Economy/Economy Comfort product as a separate fare class which loads into “W” inventory.  This was a purely economic move for Delta, as now upgrades would be processed into Economy Comfort class and no longer into the Business Class/Delta One product as they have in the past.

Earning on Alaska

When we moved here to Seattle, we divorced Delta because we saw the “revenue based” writing on the wall.  The change to Alaska has been one of the best moves that we’ve made, since it’s allowed us to take flights on Emirates in First Class among other awesome award redemptions.

I was about to book a ticket today into Delta’s “W” class Premium Economy and I popped over to Alaska’s website to find out how many miles I’d earn from this ticket… just take a look at how much the W class earns in the chart below:

What? Where's W class Premium Economy?

What? Where’s W class Premium Economy?

If you’re scratching your head wondering where the W class is listed, it’s not.  There’s no block for Delta’s new Premium Economy product.   That’s right.  As it stands right now, flying on Delta Premium Economy will earn you ZERO miles with Alaska Airlines.

Now, I’m sure that this is a glitch, but I’ve called Mileage Plan MVP 75k support and they are in agreement.  I’ve also emailed the mileage plan department and I’m waiting for a response.  When we find one, I’ll let you know.

If you’re crediting to other airlines when you fly like we are, this could be a HUGE loss for you, earning zero miles on a flight that you paid money for.

Do you have any flights booked in Delta Economy Comfort “W” class that you’re planning on crediting to Alaska?


Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Etihad’s The Residence does not earn miles with American AAvantage though they’re partners. The Residence predated the mileage earning contract and it hasn’t been updated..!

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    • No way. A ticket that costs over $10k and sometimes up to $20k doesn’t earn a single mile?!

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  2. Alaska’s reponse to me about this issue was that they are aware of it and are working with delta to update their system/chart accordingly. Until updated, Delta W will continue to earn zero miles on Alaska

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    • How long ago did you ask them? I’m flying on an upgraded ticket next week and let me tell you, if I get zero miles, Alaska’s gonna get an earful from me until they post the flight, manually if they have to. Either that, or I credit it to Delta (shudder at the thought)

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    • Interesting response, Bling. I was told that this was at DL’s choice/discretion, and the was apologized to for the inconvenience. No mention of a fix, or any talks being underway. Fingers crossed you’re right, and that it happens sooner than later!

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