Flights to the DC area are FULL of Nasty Women today!

Yup – it’s official. We have a new president. No I’m not going to make this political because there is going to be plenty of time for that. Instead, lets check out how awesome it is that almost every flight to DCA, BWI, and IAD is full of women heading to express their constitutional rights. 

The Women’s March is taking place tomorrow in DC at 10am near the corner of Independence Ave and Third Street SW. Their mission is simple:

We stand together in solidarity with our partners and children for the protection of our rights, our safety, our health, and our families – recognizing that our vibrant and diverse communities are the strength of our country.

What’s even more awesome is all the flights from not only all over the USA, but even from other countries, that are full of women attending the event. Just check out some of the social media posts:

Are you going to the march today? Are you going to be in DC? Share your stories with us below in the comments.

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. Nothing like a pointless protest to raise awareness for the fact that two genders exist. At least they aren’t the typical climate change protesters flying around the world to protest people flying around the world.

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  2. No, I did not attend, but I do have a friend here that went. And I salute her and everyone that matched.

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  3. Canadians protesting in Washington? How would they feel if we protested in Ottawa?

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    • I suppose if Canada elected a president that the world wasn’t happy with people would go to Ottawa too. Probably not as many however 🙂

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