Flights to Europe for $224…Seriously

When you come across flights to Europe for less than the price of domestic travel, you know it’s going to be a good day. When you find those cheap flights to Europe on full-service carriers, you should probably go buy a lottery ticket. While transatlantic fares have been at an all-time low, today’s deal absurdly low. How low? Starting at just $224, you can fly round trip from the US to multiple European cities. Nope, that’s not a typo.

The Deals

Generally, the best deals can be found on Oneworld carriers, American, British Airways, and Iberia. For the cheapest rates, you’ll want to leave from New York or Boston, though there are a few great deals from the west coast as well.

  • New York to Madrid $224
  • Boston to Helsinki $227
  • New York to Milan $236
  • Boston to Barcelona $239
  • New York to Zurich $245
  • New York to Oslo $243
  • New York to Stockholm $268
  • Los Angeles to Barcelona $329
  • (And because I love throwing in an exotic one) New York to the Arctic Circle $258

In addition to the above deals, there are numerous secondary Spanish cities available for under $250. To book these, follow the link and play around with dates in Google Flights until you find something that works with your schedule.

Plaza Mayor, Madrid (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

The lowest priced fares are in basic economy, which doesn’t include a checked bag or seat assignment. However, you’ll still get a carry-on bag. If you want to buy up from basic to a standard economy fare, you’ll be looking at an extra $120. Honestly though, if you want a decent seat on American, they’ll charge you even more than that. So in most cases, the buy-up isn’t worth it.

The Dates

These deals are available from September through the end of the schedule (May 2020). For the best rates, you’ll need to stay a week and leave on Monday, Tuesday, or Wednesday. However, there is sparse weekend availability for under $300. Standard holiday restrictions apply as well (Christmas, New Years, etc.)

Final Thoughts

While it’s not the heart of summer, shoulder season can be a great time to visit Europe. Hotel prices drop and overcrowded tourist destinations become much more enjoyable. As if there weren’t enough already, these incredible fares are just one more reason to visit Europe this fall. For $224, how could you say no?

Author: Stephen Hoechst

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