First Class Recap: Tree House Tuesday, Hulu and Amex, Delta

Welcome to the First Class Recap. We’ve scoured some of the highlights from the travel world for you and compiled them here. These are some of the more interesting things going on in the world of travel, miles, points, luxury travel, and news! Here’s articles from Tuesday, May 23rd, that you might have missed, but are worth a read!

Tree House Tuesday

Remember when you were about 6 and building a tree house was your biggest goal? Or at least playing in one was a goal. Fast-forward to adult hood, and you didn’t build your tree house so now you lust to stay in one. From San Francisco, to Hawaii, to South Carolina – you don’t want to miss these unique, stylish, and cozy tree houses to say in. As spending time outdoors has recently become trendy, thanks REI with Opt Outside, there has been a recent change in the way people spend their time outdoors and HuffingtonPost writes about these 12 anything but ordinary, tree houses you will want to stay in.


Furry Friends on Flights

I have a 15-month-old German shepherd/golden retriever mix that I’ve been contemplating taking through the training of becoming a service animal. I haven’t quite done the research on what it takes to get him serviced or how much of a hassle it actually is or isn’t to take him on flights, but BaldThoughts’ recent post definitely clears the air for what it’s like traveling with a service dog.

Oops, wrong date

What happens when you book your flight for the wrong day? Have airlines really given up on “customer service” and aren’t willing to budge when us, imperfect humans, who mix up dates. And why do we have to pay for mistakes of accidentally booking the wrong day, yet airlines stay untouched? All these questions and more on AndysTravelBlog’s recent hiccup with booking the wrong date.

From Andy’s Travel Blog

Netflix and Chill (or Hulu)

Or Hulu and save. If you have an Amex and you watch Hulu, you will want to read the latest post from Milesquest and find out if your Amex is going to save you money with Hulu.

Say What You Need to Say

Oh, Delta. Oh, airlines. How this industry has managed to survive on these kinds of statements and retractions and discriminations is beyond me. Well, I suppose we need the airlines to get from point A to point B, and they know it, so they can get away with saying things like, “all domestic long haul flights will receive meals around the clock.” Only to retract it, according to Renespoints recent post.

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Author: Kat Le

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