First Class Recap: Senior Discounts, Australia Tips, and Disney Cruises

So Long Senior Discount

While I am nowhere near the age to start thinking about senior discounts, here’s one benefit I won’t be able to enjoy anymore when the time comes. Apparently the national parks have upped the senior citizen lifetime pass, Senior Pass, for a whopping $80. While that may not sound like a grand sum for a “lifetime” pass, considering that since 1994, it was only $10 then yes, yes that is quite the increase. Read more about this price increase on TheGate’s recent post.

You’ve Got A Friend In Me

That good ole Toy Story theme song comes to mind when reading PointsWithACrew has a Facebook group to discuss miles and points. In case reaching out to someone via email is too “formal” for some or commenting on someone’s travel blog – now there’s a Facebook group!

From Andy’s Travel Blog

Good Day, Mate!

It’s a good day indeed. Especially after reading BaldThoughts recent post about five pretty well kept secrets about traveling to Sydney. Apparently, on a really, really good day you can get a round trip ticket to Australia for less than $600. If that’s not enough incentive to want to book a trip now, you may want to read the post about other unknown tricks and tips! PS. If you look Uber and Delta, that post is a must read.

Started from the bottom, now we’re here

American Airlines has had the privilege to have an Aviation Maintenance Technician on board for 75 years. If that’s not something to wow you, check out AndysTravelBlog and read more about how Azreil “Al” Blackman has been with United for three quarters of a century and how he spends his spare time fixing vintage aircrafts.

From Jetsetting Ben

Disney Cruise Line New Cruise Ship

The news of a new Disney Cruise Ship couldn’t have been announced at a better time since the D23 Expo just happened. Disney isn’t said to be the happiest place in the world for no reason and now that dream is no longer a stationary destination, but one that goes all over the world through the sea. JetSettingBen writes more about what the new cruise ship means for not only for all the Disney fans, but also for everyone out there.

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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