First Class Recap: Packing Advice, Naked Climbing, and a Free Trip!

Welcome to the First Class Recap. We’ve scoured some of the highlights from the travel world for you and compiled them here. These are some of the more interesting things going on in the world of travel, miles, points, luxury travel, and news! Here’s articles from Thursday June 22nd, that you might have missed, but are worth a read!

Did you pack that?

Are you a list kind of gal (or fella) and before you accomplish anything you write out all the things you want to do, and somehow by the time things roll around to get doing what you were supposed to do, you basically realize you didn’t do anything on your list? Guilty! This can be applied in terms of work, chores, homework, or traveling. Luckily, BaldThoughts has created a super simple list of items to bring along when you’re traveling to make life easier and to not make crazy lists and get halfway across the globe only to realize you forgot your contacts case.

Calling all Bargain Hunters

Sometimes when I scroll through Instagram, I see people post these “hauls” of shampoo, soaps, diapers, and other house stuff. I also wonder how people have the time to “coupon” and acquire such hauls. Don’t get me wrong, I love a good deal as much as the next girl, but I don’t have the time to sit around and hunt for these deals nor do I need 20 small Bounty detergent boxes. If you’re catching what I’m putting down, you will want to check MilesToMemories recent post about how you can get discounts on popular everyday things like Starbucks and Google Express – without having to coupon.


From Huffington Post

Selfie Fail and How to Win a Free Trip

If you’re anything like me, you think you are the most un-photogenic person in the world and you wonder if there was ever a class you missed out on where girls learned how to pose and pucker their lips to get the best angles for a million likes on their pictures. There are also probably more pictures in your “deleted” album than there are in your regular album. According to WillRunForMiles there is a recent contest where being not so photogenic or taking an awful picture during a vacation could end up winning you a trip!

Rock Climbing Naked

Yes, you read that correctly. HuffingtonPost wrote a recent post about how a dad and his two children spotted two naked climbers ascending El Capitan. That’s not all he wrote about, though. The post goes in depth and talk about when is the best time to visit Yosemite and what to do. If you’re lucky (or not so lucky) you may or may not encounter a nude person.

Hammock on a caribbean beach, from Million Miles Secrets

Summer makes me think about Winter.

If you live in a city like Seattle, you already know summer doesn’t last forever. And although summer just started I am already thinking about what I’ll be doing this winter to escape these brutal cold months. Yes, I know, it doesn’t get as cold in the Pacific Northwest as it does in the Midwest or even the East Coast, but this beach girl can’t hang in the wintertime of Seattle. Be sure to check out MillionMilesSecrets to find out more about Southwest deals through March 7th, 2018.

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Author: Kat Le

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