First Class Recap: Founders Card, Lyft and Miles, Alaska Airlines New Terminal

Welcome to the First Class Recap. We’ve scoured some of the highlights from the travel world for you and compiled them here. These are some of the more interesting things going on in the world of travel, miles, points, luxury travel, and news! Here’s articles from Wednesday, May 17th, that you might have missed, but are worth a read!

FoundersCard Perks

If you are not on board with the FoundersCard, reading ThePointsGuy recent post about their two new incredible perks will definitely make you want to sign up and become a member. And you’ll really want to read ThePointsGuy’s post to find out how to save even more money, exclusively for TPG readers.

From Million Mile Secrets

Can I get a Lyft?

Using Lyft is easy, convenient, and hassle free, but Lyft just reached a whole new level by partnering with Delta. Travelskills writes about the recent partnership and how you can earn a mile per dollar through Lyft rides.

Alaska Airlines at Paine Field?

If you’ve lived in Seattle the last couple years and you have a pulse, you are very well aware of the boom in population of the city. Whether it’s all the transplants (me!) or the new Amazon locations attracting all sorts of people – it is no mystery that the city is growing. With that being said, we dove into Alaska Airlines new terminal at Paine Field.

Alaska Airlines


Laptops potentially to be banned on flights

There has been talk of banning laptops on the airplane’s main cabin, and how is one to enjoy WiFi in the clouds if that’s the case? Is it worth putting travelers through the hassle of yet another checked in item? The Huffington Post talks more about this potential ban and weighs the pros and cons of such thing actually happening.

From the Huffington Post

Summer Sales are around the corner

Maybe you are lucky enough to not live in a city where it rains 90% of the time, so you haven’t quite thought about your summer great escape, but this recent post from MillionMileSecrets will definitely make you instantly book a getaway with prices as low as $42 one way.

Author: Kat Le

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