First Class Recap: Electronics Ban (again), jetBlue Mint, and Vacation Budgeting

Banned Electronics on Checked in Bags

You mean people won’t be able to use their iPads to entertain their children during flights? Or that I actually have to socialize with the people near me and not be plastered to my computer or iPad? So unless I want to watch a video on my generously size iPhone 7 screen, I won’t be able to kill time on a flight to the US? All these questions and more arise now that there’s speculation of banned electronics on checked bags for flights. Read more about this (potential) ban on OneMileAtATime.

denver courtesy of google

Denver, Anyone?

When I think about booking my dream vacation a couple places come to mind: Buenos Aires, Iceland, Hawaii, and Ireland. For some reason, lately, I feel as though the universe has been conspiring for me to visit Denver. I mean, it seems like an outdoor person’s dream. 300 days of sunshine, the 91 “fourteeners”, not to mention the fact that their sporting events are within a three-mile radius – did I mention 300 days of sunshine? Now that I’ve got you pumped up about Denver you can read Blog.Wandr.Me’s recent post about Frontier’s expansion to Denver and maybe I’ll see you there!

 JetBlue Mint Expansion

United is not the only one stepping up its game with expansion to ever-growing cities. JetBlue recently announced the expansion of its mint map to these popular cities you don’t want to miss out on. Read more of MilesToMemories to find out what cities made it to the new map!

jet blue mint milestomemories

jet blue mint milestomemories

Hot Deserts

…And that I’m not just talking about the temperature. I’m talking about CNN compiling a list of the world’s best desert hotels. I know. It’s hard to think about the desert when it’s already a million degrees outside, but before you know it, it’ll be winter time and you will want to have a night or two booked at a warm hotel especially when those long dreaded winter days taunt you with the darkness. 

Vacation Budgets

It’s hard to want to “cap yourself” when you are on vacation. After all, you have worked hard all year to go on this vacation that you get to enjoy and why should you say no to yourself? Maybe to not break the bank and be able to go on more vacation. HuffingtonPost writes about ways to travel within your means and while it all sounds familiar and obvious, sometimes it’s nice to have a refresher or a reminder.

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Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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