First Class Recap: The City that Banned Photos, JetBlue Fire, TSA Precheck

Welcome to the First Class Recap. We’ve scoured some of the highlights from the travel world for you and compiled them here. These are some of the more interesting things going on in the world of travel, miles, points, luxury travel, and news! Here’s articles from Thursday June 1st, that you might have missed, but are worth a read!

JetBlue Fire

Aside from the airlines and their bad customer service press, it’s been relatively quiet in terms of things exploding on flights, well that is since the last major electronic explosion on an airplane. If you recall, when the Samsung Galaxy Note 7 recently launched, there had been a couple explosions on flights (team Apple) Recently, as ThePointsGuy wrote, a flight from NYC to San Francisco had to be delayed due to a battery catching fire in a passengers backpack!

TSA Precheck

TSA pre Check, from google

Is it worth it?

“…Let me work it, I put my thing down, flip it and reverse it…” Excuse my brief flashback to Missy Elliot’s song that came to mind when I read this recent post from ThePointsGuy and why it’s worth having TSA precheck.

Melbourne Airport on Lockdown

And I’m not talking about Kanye’s “Love Lockdown” according to BaldThoughts via DailyMail a flight leaving Melbourne received a bomb threat from a 25 year old man, but the people were not willing to have any of that and were able to successfully wrestle him to the ground.

Sweet Escape

Or Hot Escapes, whatever MagicOfMiles wants to call it. I just have all sorts of early 2000’s jams stuck in my mind – can you tell I’m a 90’s kid? The MagicOfMiles graciously compiled a list of hotels you will want to visit this summer. From the US to the Middle East to Africa – the list has got it all.

No Pictures Please

No pictures, please.

Can taking pictures on vacation seriously be banned? Did you even go on vacation if there’s no pictures to prove it? How can a city pass a law that fines people for taking pictures in their city? All these questions and more on the HuffingtonPost’s recent article about the city who has banned photo taking.

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Author: Kat Le

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