First Class Recap: Betsy Beer, Lilium Jet, and Boeing 787s

Welcome to the First Class Recap. We’ve scoured some of the highlights from the travel world for you and compiled them here. These are some of the more interesting things going on in the world of travel, miles, points, luxury travel, and news! Here’s articles from this past weekend that you might have missed, but are worth a read!

Successful test run -excuse me- test flight

Meet the prototype Lilium Jet: a two-seater who had a successful take off and landing at the beginning of this month. CNN highlights what this successful flight, although unmanned, means for the future of this jet. If you’re thinking, isn’t that why helicopters were invented? Lilium is not attempting to reinvent the wheel, but rather enhance it by not creating harmful emissions and being a much quieter aircraft.

Flying Taxi

Flying Taxi, Courtesy of CNN

High altitude, high expectations

We’ve all been on a plane ride and expected nothing but ordinary beers. However, more recently, a few airlines have been attempting to up their beer craft game by teaming up with brewers to create specialty in flight beers. CNN talks more about which airlines have teamed up with certain breweries around the world to make this possible.

Betsy Beer

Betsy Beer, Courtesy of CNN

WiFi on Southwest flights

Do you ever wonder how WiFi actually works “up there” in the clouds? MillionMileSecrets writes about some insider tips from GoToTravelGal, who is a regular with Southwest, on how to maximize your experience with in flight entertainment.

Change is in the Air

After recent events with United Airlines, the CEO, Oscar Munoz is forced to re-evaluate certain policy and procedures. Effective very, very soon, United Airlines will not be asking the passengers to give up their seats – unless for safety reasons and they will cut back on overbooking. LiveandLetsFly reviews more policy changes in his recent post.

Boeing going above and beyond…again

Boeing 787s are remarkable thanks to their fuel efficient and improved aerodynamic design. Now, they are going one step further with the possibility of 3D printed parts, according to a press release from Warren M. Boley, JR, President and CEO of Norsk Titanium. Read more about the future of Boeing 787s on PointsMilesandMartinis recent post.

Author: Kat Le

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