FARE ALERT: Business Class Europe/USA, Under $1600

Whoa, talk about an amazing deal!  For all of our European readers (or those with family in the UK, or those that can do some positioning to take advantage of a great deal) this is a steal.

Let’s cut right to the chase.  Virgin Atlantic is having a fare sale from London to Chicago, in Business Class, Round Trip, for only $1567.  The fare looks to be good from November until April 15th for the departure, and you can return much later, so long as the outbound is no later than April 15th.  It is ALSO good on their partner Delta, but if we’re being truly honest with each other, if you had to choose between the two, Virgin will win out every time.

Virgin Atlantic Plane, From Telegraph.co.uk

Virgin Atlantic Plane, From Telegraph.co.uk

I’ve confirmed that the sale fare is good for bookings made both on Virgin’s website and Delta’s website, and will be able to use either Delta planes or Virgin planes.

If you’re an Alaska Airlines flyer like us, then flying this on Delta metal might be a no brainer, as you can credit to your Mileage Plan account and earn 25% bonus miles for the Z booking class.

Delta plane waiting at the gate, Atlanta

Delta plane waiting at the gate, Atlanta

Here’s some screen shots of the availability:

Confirmation on Virgin's Website

Confirmation on Virgin's Website

Confirmation on Virgin’s Website

And how about Christmas and New Year’s all together?  Finding peak travel deals is nearly impossible, but this one is wide open throughout the schedule.

How about New Years and Christmas?

How about New Years and Christmas?

Notice how the branding on this picture is of Virgin’s product?  Also “Toast your journey at the onboard bar and enjoy a fully flat bed…” looks like Delta is really taking this Virgin partnership seriously!

Act Now!

Listen, this is a STEAL.  If you want to book now and ask questions later, do it.  With Delta’s flight cancellation policy you can grab the flight, confirm your plans, and cancel up to 24 hours later.  I don’t expect this fare sale to last, and in fact Ben and I are trying to figure out how to work this flight in to our trip back from Europe next year.  Maybe fly back on Delta and then book ourselves a nice trip back to Europe in Late April/Early May?

Are you going to take advantage of this great deal?

Hat tip to Secret Flying on this one, thanks guys!

Author: Jon Nickel-D'Andrea

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  1. ITs a good deal, but $1600 is not a steal. Your still paying $500 each way for the upgrade against the price of economy. I will sit in the economy seat for 7 hours and save my $500 for some amazing food! Now the sub $1200 BA fares after the AARP..now thats closer to a steal!

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    • To each his own I suppose Ryan. For me, paying the upgrade has tons of benefits. Earning miles at an acceptable rate with Alaska as opposed to at the cost of the ticket BS that Delta is doing. I can actually sleep on the flight. Proper service. Lounge access. At 6-2 comfort is key, and paying that for business class over the holidays? Winner in my book. Fares in economy are running around 900 on those dates. Economy tickets earn about 3800 on Alaska whereas business would earn me well over 9000. Sometimes coach makes sense. But the experience is half the journey and we all know it’s better up front 🙂

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